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The Era of Incompetence – The Obama Years

I have no doubt that years from now, this administration will be dubbed the Era of Incompetence.  All of his scandals, he’s learned about them on national TV news.  Honestly, he should fire all of his advisors and hire the news media.  Maybe they’d let him know about scandals before they hit the 5 O’clock news.  It’s been 6 years of this stuff now and I’ve predicted the train wreck BEFORE it happened.  Most of you hope and changers disagreed and argued with me from the start.  Apparently, you hope and changers thought you were smarter than me but I guess not.  Reality has b*tch slapped you.  If politics were a football game, Obama fumbled every ball thrown to him.

Obamacare:  I told you this was crap from the start.  Most of you brainless morons quoted how the VA system was such a miracle of modern liberalism.  Now you’ve figured out that rates actually went up on people and what’s worse, you now will go to jail if you don’t have it.  I accurately called Obummercare as a war on the poor.  All of the young and useless kidos and hardcore libs told me “Mither Walker, at least you have healthcare.”   Another brainless answer from them was “At least we are trying to do something!”  My response was so you are willing to do the wrong thing instead of fixing the problem?  I told you careful what you asked for!  There was a Dumbacrat politician who claimed Obummercare was created using the VA as it’s model and I told you hope and changers you should be afraid.  Guess What?

VA Healthcare scandal:  I told you that this system was jacked up from the start.  Think about this, soldiers were begging for help and were allowed to die before they got to see a doctor.  Think about that when you think about Obamacare.  Also think about this, if the government can’t take care of America’s veterans what makes you think they can take care of the rest of the population?

Fast and Furious:  The Obama administration sold guns to Mexican cartel members to create a problem so they could outlaw our citizens from having guns.  In exchange for guns, we allowed them to cross our border to sell drugs in the US.  They attempted to create a problem so the liberal messiah could fix a fake problem manufactured by the administration.  This has been their response through all of the school shootings that have happened.  The problem isn’t the guns and more gun legislation will not stop this from happening.  The deep root of the problem is one the Obama administration does not want to fix…mental health legislation.  They know deep down in places they refuse to talk about that if they fixed the mental health problems in the US the Dumbacrats would lose their voting base.

The IRS Scandal:  Liberals love to say the IRS is a bi-partisan branch of government but is it really?  The latest claims that Lois Lerner’s emails have been lost due to a hard drive error but now all of a sudden those emails that were lost are going to be produced by the IRS chief 5 years later?  Is that amazing or what?  I find it very alarming that emails that were gone are going to finally be produced after years of them saying the emails were gone.  Usually where there is smoke, there is fire.  Just remember, the IRS is going to be standing between you and your healthcare. 

Executive Order Scandal:  The liberal messiah went on the floor of congress to call out the Bush administration on the very same stuff he’s doing.  He’s what most people call a hypocrite yet the media is acting like lap dogs when it comes to this.  He gets a pass while Bush was called to the carpet over everything.  Obama said his administration would be the most transparent administration ever which was a lie.  In most cases, he’s kept the reporters at bay by giving them pictures and handing them out to the media. 

Unemployment:  The numbers released today suggests that the number of jobs was only enough to keep up with the population and enough to keep us at the same employment rate as the day Obama took office.  Obama has done a lot to kill job opportunities for the American public.  This also intersects with the disparity between the rich and the poor.  Obama promised the middle and low classes would prosper.  He lied to you chumps and you had already swallowed the hook as he reeled you in.  Reality is the rich are getting richer, the poor and middle class are not.  You guys were cheering him on while he was talking about the rich aren’t paying their fair share and while you idiots were mindlessly chanting hope and change, he raise your taxes.  Apparently, the low and middle classes are now the rich in this country.  Those of us who voted to have someone who understood the economy and employment to be president are frustrated are you kidos and hardcore liberals got what you wanted.  So you want high unemployment and lower wages that’s what you voted for and you voted for an expanding low class and receding middle class.  Pay checks have become stagnant.  Reality is that the liberal messiah has done nothing to encourage business growth or pay gaps.

Benghazi Scandal:  It is unimaginable that a US ambassador could be begging for more security in the middle of a middle eastern country and be told no and when they are under attack, we had an administration that did not have the balls to interrupt his fund raising to help his ambassador and just let him and 3 other Americans die.  All while this happened on the anniversary of 9/11.  You can agree with the president that it is a phony scandal but how would you feel if that was YOUR relative that died and this happened to your family.  You’d be pretty darn upset.  To blame this on a youtube video is just plane ignorant when there was reasons the Ambassador was asking for more security and his requests were falling on deaf ears!!!!!!!!!

Nominations to the NRB board:  You libs told us how smart Obama was and how he was a constitutional professor.  Apparently, neither was true.  He had his appointments to the labor board declared unconstitutional by all 9 justices.  Apparently Obama didn’t know there was a 10 day period he had to wait to make a recess appointment. 

Oh don’t worry, it’s going to get much worse thanks to the idiots that voted for incompetence and hope.  Right now, he’s writing executive orders to bi-pass the congress to write laws for the EPA on global warming.  These laws will kill what’s left of the middle class and then we will have the liberal messiah’s idea of a perfect system where we have only upper and low classes in the US sort of like Russia had back when Stalin reigned over the communist state.  Yes we won’t be able to afford heat or air conditioning when the liberal messiah is done killing the oil and natural gas industries all in the name of global warming.  Scientist have had many consensus’ over the years in fact there was one that said we couldn’t handle feeding everyone if the population got bigger.  They also had one in the 70j’s that claimed we were going to have global cooling which never happened.  So yes, a consensus doesn’t mean they are right.  Just means they believe something whether it’s true or not.  So the idiots are willing to kill the US economy over a fake crisis.  Now there is your hope and change.  Obama said your utility bills will necessarily skyrocket.  Apparently, most of his voters weren’t smart enough to know that.

So the last election was idiots led by idiots to vote for the liberal messiah and now they are upset at what he’s doing as if the first 4 years wasn’t enough to tell you his agenda wasn’t working.  You idiots doubled down on it.  Now the young idiots that voted for this train wreck are regretting their vote.  Honestly, you were incompetent voters and you should probably not ever vote again because you don’t take the time to hear the message before you take your incompetent butt into the voting booth and vote.  None of you took the opportunity to read my blogs or listen to common sense. 




Al Gore Is Still At It

Oh Al Gore is still trying to convince people that the 90’s are the hotest decade on record even though it’s not.  On record, the 1930’s were hotter than the 90’s.  Al Gore has never let the truth get in the way of his good story.  He’s heavily invested in the green industry and he’s going broke.  The green industry has not produced one thing that people actually want because it’s a fantasyland and Obama lives in that fantasyland too.  The dirty little secret is that there is not anything that can replace oil.  You can’t use pond scum to fuel your car or a jet fighter yet.  Obama and Gore have put all of their eggs in one basket which in the end makes them look like a jackass.

So instead of doing the right thing and open up more drilling, Obama has chose to quit issuing permits to drill on public lands.  He refuses to believe that just the news that we are increasing our drilling will lower the price for a while because markets react to news like that.  Instead he sits around telling us if we start drilling today it wouldn’t be viable until 10 years later.  If we’d done this back in Slick Willie’s terms in office, we’d be in a much better place right now and if we keep doing that (procrastination) we will always be slaves to whatever the market brings us.

Defense Of Obama

I’m going to do something that makes me sick to my stomach to do.  However, I’m going to be brutally honest in my assessment.  Apparently there are more than just a few people who claim to have voted for Obama and are just shocked at everything that’s happened so far.  Remember this makes me sick to my stomach to do but here it goes.

Evidently, you voted for his skin color and didn’t hear one goddamn word he said.  You didn’t listen to what he said he was going to do at all and now attempt to insult everyone’s intelligence by claiming you didn’t know he was going to do all of this.  Either your lying or your a moron!!

He said upfront that he wanted single payer insurance or government run health care.  Don’t you dare act like a deer in the head lights over this issue.  He said it, there is no way you can deny he didn’t.

He said he wanted to penalize businesses and individuals for using oil/gas by imposing a crap and tax system.  You purposefully ignored this to give us the first black president.

He said he wanted to kill 1/2 of our electricity by killing the coal industry.  Still you arrogantly ignored his statement and dismissed it as nothing.  He even said oil and gas prices were going to sky rocket under his program.  That didn’t bother you one bit.  Not to mention the fact that everywhere this has been tried, it failed.

He arrogantly claimed that he was against every policy ever enacted by Bush now he endorses those programs and continues them.

He announced in his book that he was a proponent of social justice.  It was ok to you because you voted for him anyway.  His idea of social justice means he has to break the economy completely so he can re-engineer our economy so that it is “FAIR.”  Just like mindless numbots, you said ok by voting for him.

He wants to re-instate the fairness doctrine.  You guys didn’t give a shit about that back then you still went and voted for him.

He showed us he was a firm believer is social policies when he said and I’ll quote “I’m not punishing the successful, I’m just sharing a little of your success with others.”

He claims he didn’t know William Aires was a terrorist that he thought he was reformed.  You are to blame for this because you wrote him a pass and played stupid with the liberals.   Now it has come to our attention, not only does he know William Aires, he also is dealing with the OTHER co-founder of the Weatherman Underground under the guise of the Apollo Group.  You know the group that wrote his stimulus plan?  Yeah that group!

He claimed that he didn’t know Reverend Jeremiah Wright was a racist and again you wrote him a pass and played stupid on the whole issue.  Are you seeing a pattern here?  This guy hung out with radicals left and right, yet you bought the whole notion that he wasn’t one himself.  Boy, you really should feel stupid.

He quickly managed a hostile take-over of the auto industry.  No surprise there!  Then again, this one surprised even me.  I wouldn’t have been able to predict this one on my best day but still.

He quickly managed to takeover the banking system.  After the auto industry, we could have probably guessed he’d do that.

Most of the stuff that you people say you had no idea that he’d do, he freakin’ told you he was going to do before he became president.  Most of this stuff is a no brainer because we listened to him and voted against him.  We didn’t give him our votes because we heard his message loud and clear.  We knew the majority of what he’s doing.

After looking at everything, it’s apparent to most of us he intends on breaking the economy because somehow our current system isn’t “fair.”  What in the hell could be fairer than waking up everyday and going to work and at the end of two weeks your given money for your 2 weeks of work to buy products and services for your family.

I get really tired of hearing that Obama supporters are suffering from buyers remorse.  He told you what he was going to do.  I don’t think his teleprompter could have said it any clearer if it tried.  Obviously, you’ve learned a hard lesson.  Next time do us a favor and don’t vote at all if your not going to listen to the politicians pitch their plans.  You have a responsibility to evaluate all of their bullshit and vote for the one that smells the least.  In other words, you suck!  I can’t say it any better than that.  You didn’t listen yet you voted in our current commie-in-chief.   At least I hope you learned to vote responsibly.

Democrat’s Hypocracy In Full View

Obama has authorized 200 BILLION dollars to go to a Brazilian Oil Company to start drilling off the coast of Brazile.  What in the hell is he doing?  We can’t drill off our coast but he’s funding other countries attempts to do this now.  There is a rumor afloat that this one one of George Soro’s investments that he’s in for 24%.

Let’s be totally honest here, we can’t afford to give them 200 BILLION dollars for this.  I mean if George Soros wants to invest his billions in this he’s free to do that but why should the US be on the hook for 200 BILLION dollars of yours and my tax dollars?  What in the f*ck do WE get out of this deal?  Absolutely not one goddamn dime so I think someone has some f*cking explaining to do as to why we gave them that much money.  I think Mr. Transparent government needs to answer this NOW!

Sadly, this is part of the Democrats NIMBY policy which is hypocritical at best.  Kennedy doesn’t want wind mills around Martha’s Vinyard but it’s ok for us to have them all over Texas.  It only makes sense that oil rigs off the coast of Brazille is ok there but we can’t have those things here.  It’s hypocracy in action when it comes to the Democrats policies.  This should be absolute proof that Global Warming is Bullshit!

Election Day In More Than 24 Hours

Tomorrow is election day.  I will be going to vote.  I’m going to vote for McCain tomorrow and before the racist accusers start their brain dead mumbling, I’ll explain my reasons why.

I am retired from the military and I hold Senator McCain in higher confidence than I do Obama.  Obama has NEVER served this country in the military.  I was in the military during slick Willie’s presidency and I saw what his policies did to people in the military.  Slick Willie did the same things as Obama wants to do.  He didn’t invest in new weapons systems, he didn’t give up pay raises to keep us above the poverty line, He was anti-military except when it came to his little UN deployments, and I for one didn’t like the way his policies cut towards the military.  That and the fact one fiscal year word was sent down from Slick Willie that we may not get paid but we still had to come to work.  You can bet I had choice words for slick willie at that point.  Because I’m retired from the military, I vote for whoever has proved through their actions, that they will support the military.  Obama does not support the military.  Obama wants the military to become bastard children under his administration.  Before you call me a racist, those troops are white, black, hispanic, Asian, Arabic, etc.  I’ve always voted for the party that would treat the military fairly not cut off funding for them in a time of war.  Yes obama is a radical extremist this is no surprise there. 

On Energy, Obama feels it’s ok to eliminate energy sources that are easily converted to cut down on our oil demands.  It’s a damn chinese puzzle.  He admits we need to change our electricity fuel but holds his nose up at the technologies available to us at this time.  An interview that just came out with Obama suggest he hopes those attempting to burn coal cleanly goes bankrupt.  He doesn’t like nuclear energy.  Unlike T. Boone Pickens, I refuse to have wind farms all over my backyard because some liberal leftist marxists don’t want that crap in their backyard.  Solar has progressed to the point we can heat water with it but it won’t power a house yet with the technology available. 

Let’s break down Biden’s remarks that I may have found a different meaning of shall we.  If we’re elected, we will be tested.  Our response may not look like it’s the correct answer but it is.  What I hear in this is basically, we know you all complained about George Bush’s handling of the situation because we told you to do it.  Just remember how much you like us now.  Please, that was just to tell the voters that they want us to give them a chance because it won’t be apparant that they are doing the right thing.  In other words, treat us better than you treated George Bush.  Ehhhhhh, wrong answer.  I’m going to do the same thing to a potential President Obama that they had leftist do to George Bush.  I’ll analyze his pathetic solution and nail him to the cross over it right here on my blog.  Because he’s not the BEST man for the job.

To be honest, I’ll even take McCain to task if he does something I think is wrong if he happens to be the next president.  I’m at least honest when it comes to criticism because I’m not drinking either side’s kool aide.  Actually I don’t drink kool aide anyways, I drink green tea.

Obama can’t seem to come up with a taxation policy and stick to it.  First the middle class ended with $250,000 a year then it went down to $200,000, it went down to $150,000, then it came down again to $120,000.  My personal feeling is that he’s going to screw each and every one of his supporters and stick that flag in the ground on $60,000 a year after he declares that the economy is worse than he thought. 

Obama has said McCain isn’t a Maverick anymore because he’s voted with George Bush several times.  Ok, so does that mean Obama is a Maverick having voted along party lines 99.9% of the time?

Obama likes to say the economic woes belong to the Republicans but when you look into his claims they hold no water.  It was the Democrats led by Slick Willie that pushed through legislation saying it was illegal to not give loans to certain people.  In essence it was the Democrats who caused the downfall of Freddie and Fanny.  McCain had the insight to try to fix Fanny and Freddie 3 years ago but it was Obama who voted against fixing Fanny and Freddie at that time.  He was drinking Barney Frank’s kool aide since Barney was having a homosexual relationship with the CEO of one of the banking giants.  In essence that was definitely a lack of integrity on his part since he was on the oversight committee.  There is no truth to Obama’s claims.  He’s lied to his rabid cult-like supporters who ate it up hook, line, and sinker.  After all if that could have been traced back to the Republicans, you can bet all your marbles they would have been in front of a committee answering question and facing criminal charges.

The democrats knew price gouging was at the bottom of the gas and oil crisis and what did they do about it?  They ignored it because the problem did not effect them.  Guess what?  Nobody went to jail over the speculators price gouging.  They damn sure should have or at the very least they should have been in front of a senate hearing that was supposed to look at criminal actions but it never happened.  Instead the democrats enjoyed seeing the American people in misery licking their chops over how they were going to blame it on George Bush.  This is where Senator Cornyn reminded the Democrats by bringing up campaign promises that were not followed through with.  In essence, Senator Cornyn had to shame them into following through on their word before they did anything to fix the problem and still they didn’t do anything at all.  This is exactly why I’ve called them the most do-nothing congress in the history of the United States.  President Bush repealed the ban on drilling and got the prices lower by taking away some of the power wielded by the ban as it pertains to the future of oil.  None of these other lowlife’s have done what we, the people, have asked them to do.  It was all about political posturing instead of taking care of the voters who put them into office.  You people should be mad as hell at the Democrats yet some of you must drink nothing but the kool aide they’re serving up because your mad at the wrong party.  Congress wields just as much power as the President with the exception of the Congress’ power is shared among the house of representatives and the Senate members.  Make no mistake, they share the blame with Bush!  It’s just that simple.  To say otherwise is just plain ignorant.  Our founding fathers put checks and balanaces into the system so that we can’t blame just one person for the problems.

Speaking on checks and balances, there are none if congress get’s a Democratic majority of 60 seats.  They can ruin our economy all together without having to debate it.  That should scare the living hell out of you that they can do this without having to debate it because they have enough mindless sheep to vote along party lines.  I know it scares me.

All this is exactly why I’ve voting for John McCain.  Who better to serve as commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces?

Hugo Chavez Boots US Ambassador

Hugo Chavez is probably more unstable than nitro.  I’m sure if he were to go to a mental hospital, he’d be committed.  This is the type of person the left in this country loves to praise.  Danny Glover (Actor) was invited to go see Hugo Chavez and somehow worked out a deal to make a movie in his country. 

This is the exact type of person we are getting oil from.  The left in this country supports us getting oil from Hugo and will do anything to keep us dependent upon Hugo.  This is exactly why I support drill baby drill.  As soon as we start drilling our own oil, we can tell Hugo where to get off and how much we’d like to see him assassinated.

If I had to guess Hugo seems to be suffering from Manic Depression (Bi-Polar).  That would explain his irrational behaviour at times.  I will say this on the matter though.  The left in this country attempts to say they are more intelligent than Republicans but offer praise to morons like Hugo Chavez.  They seem to gravitate towards communist and tyrants like Hugo Chavez.  If they are that intelligent then why do they like mentally deranged tyrants more than fellow citizens? 

I look forward to the US drilling for oil and tossing morons like Hugo Chavez to the side and telling him to kiss my american ass!  Once he’s lost his status as a oil source, nobody else in the world would have no use for Hugo either.  At which time, he and his shitty little country will become isolated until he gets overthrown and dies a untimely death.

Senator John Cornyn On Fox

Senator John Cornyn will be on foxnews at 12:20 CST to discuss Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s continued refusal to allow consideration of any amendments related dealing with increasing domestic production of energy. 

Once again, this shows that Harry Reid refuses to do what is good for this country.  I hope everyone in his home state is taking notes about his refusal to represent the people of his state for his partisan politics.  Honestly this piece of crap should not be reelected.   It’s obvious to me that Harry Reid lacks the leadership to carry out his duties to the people who put him in office.

However, this can’t be held against Senator Cornyn.  He’s up against a hard wall in his attempts to do what’s good for Texas and what’s good for the US as a whole.  Representative Noriega is another Harry Reid.  He fails to see a problem and hopes to ignore theproblem as long as he can.  Someone like Rick Noriega would refuse to represent his state in the proper manner because he also would practice partisan politics instead of doing what’s good for our State and Country.

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