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Obama secretly spies on the AP

Oh my, so many scandals happening at once.  In a bit of Irony, the people who have been lapdogs for the administration by outright lying to the people they were supposed to inform have been secretly spied on.  It’s funny but I’m sure nobody in the media has the balls to say a word.  I’m betting they take it and continue being lapdogs instead of being journalists and doing their job.  Oh I’m sure there will be some whining but in the end it isn’t going to change anything.  All Obama has to do is say who’s my b*tch? and the AP will say we are.

I’m amazed at the fact that they will get away with this.  If Bush had done something like this, we’d still be hearing about it 2 presidential elections ago.  They’d be outraged but because Obummer did it, I don’t expect any outrage at all.  They will whine moan and go back to playing their role like nothing happened.


Truth Is Hate Speach According To Leftists

The leftists are in a tizzy to brand talk radio and foxnews as hate speach.  It boils down to talk radio and foxnews both in unison said the Under a trillion dollar healthcare bill would be over and they showed you the dishonest way that liberals used to keep it under by producing 2 bills and not giving the GAO enough time to fully calculate it.  Guess what?  They were right, the bill will cost well over a trillion dollars.  Now that talk radio and foxnews have been proved right, the leftists in this country are attempting to go after both talk radio and foxnews as inducing hate speech.  For these liberals, the truth is hate speech.  The media now days is nothing shy of useful idiots.

The original meaning of hate speech was speech that increased racial violence.  Today it’s used against those who are truthful because the truth is hateful somehow.  All of the drive by’s were in the corner of the leftists when they said that the healthcare bill was under a trillion.  That goes to show you that investigative journalism is dead in America.  Nobody is interested in the truth as long as a Democrat is running the show in Washington.  However, if the president is a Republican, they do all of the investigative journalism in the world to prove that president is rotten.  Benjamin Franklin would probably be sorry he was a journalist if he could see how the media act towards Obama.  Our founding fathers relied on journalists to keep the politicians honest.  On this front, they have failed miserably.  It’s no wonder at all as to why liberal media is going bankrupt.  They got a lot more business when George W was in office because he was a Republican.  When there is a liberal democrat in the white house, liberals don’t need a newspaper to tell them what’s going on.

Liberal talk radio fails each and every time it is tried.  Liberals prefer to listen to Limbaugh, Hannity, Glenn Beck, and others on the radio instead of supporting their liberal talk radio and then they have the audacity to whine that they don’t have a predominent showing in talk radio.  Everyone who listens to talk radio knows liberals are calling in even when they call just to embarass themselves on a national level.  These guys love it when liberals call because it validates everything they are saying about the left.  In fact Rush Limbaugh hired a accounting firm to keep track how many times he right.  He boasts about his 99.5% rating he received from the accounting firm.  Liberal talk show hosts don’t do this because they don’t have the money for  this nor can they keep a loyal following.

Court Shuts Down Net Neutrality

In my opinion, this shuts down government abuses and keeps the internet a place for free speech.  These are the same criminals that want to limit talk radio because the left has no successful national talk radio show hosts yet they have every member of every news outlet except foxnews in their hip pocket.  This shows the hypocracy of the leftists.  Even though they have all those journalists in their hip pockets, foxnews still kicks their ass in the ratings.  There are huge disparities in the newspaper industry but liberals are not satisfied with that.

There has been some startling rumors abound that they want to regulate the internet.  The people who talk net neutrality are saying this was about content and price yet this court decision mentioned nothing at all except the FCC is going to attempt backdoor ways to regulate it financially.  I think the FCC should butt out.  I don’t think the FCC has the right to tell me what I can and can’t say on my blog nor my personal website.  To do so, would be marxist/stalinist.  The only people who would probably have a right to say anything over what I say on my blogs are wordpress and my web hosting company.  If they don’t mind, it don’t matter.  The only exception should be if I break the law not that I disagree with the president and congress.  Obama may be the liberal messiah but he’s not mine!

Obama’s War With Foxnews

Ok, given everything that’s going on, I think the President is a freaking idiot!!!!!  Why is he spending time attacking Foxnews like a thin skinned idiot?  Of course they don’t agree with President Obama because they aren’t part of the state run media.  You know exactly who the state run media are because they agree with everything Obama does and spins it so they can get public support.  One member of the state run media get’s a thrill up his leg when talking about all things Obama.  Did George W. Bush spend time starting fights with PMSNBC?  No, he pretty much ignored them like 90% of Americans in this country.  PMSNBC’s rating are dismal and in the toilet.  Apparently not even liberals listen to it.

Obama is paying for his tactics because not even the state run media are about to allow media bias on the part of the president and they, to their credit, showed they won’t allow this by not playing ball with Obama.  Obama offered them a interview with the pay czar to keep foxnews from having access.  This would have been going back on a agreement between the major news networks.  All of the members of the media understand that if the white house get’s away with doing this to Foxnews then it’s only a matter of time until he’s going on the attack against them because eventually this media love affair will come to an end.  The whole thing reminded me of my cousins.  They fought all of the time but the second someone from outside the family got into the argument, every single one of them would turn on the outsider.  The messiah came out this situation with egg all over his face.  Obama shows there is absolutely nothing bi-partisan about him or his policies.

George W. Bush showed class when he ignored all of the media criticisms of him.  He didn’t go out of his way to try to bully the media nor did he attempt to single out any of the media.  I say this while I didn’t particularly think he was the best president, however, he at least served in the white house with class.  I’ve said before, George W. Bush is a Republican In Name Only.  He spent money just like a liberal for my tastes.  Additionally George Bush knew how to get those Democrats to give him anything and everything he wanted and more.  Maybe Obama should have asked George W. his secrets on how he did that.  Obama couldn’t lead a donkey to water if he wanted.