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Obama secretly spies on the AP

Oh my, so many scandals happening at once.  In a bit of Irony, the people who have been lapdogs for the administration by outright lying to the people they were supposed to inform have been secretly spied on.  It’s funny but I’m sure nobody in the media has the balls to say a word.  I’m betting they take it and continue being lapdogs instead of being journalists and doing their job.  Oh I’m sure there will be some whining but in the end it isn’t going to change anything.  All Obama has to do is say who’s my b*tch? and the AP will say we are.

I’m amazed at the fact that they will get away with this.  If Bush had done something like this, we’d still be hearing about it 2 presidential elections ago.  They’d be outraged but because Obummer did it, I don’t expect any outrage at all.  They will whine moan and go back to playing their role like nothing happened.


Say Goodbye to Obamacare

In the spirit of I told you so, a song of celebration.

You know it’s bad when on your opening day of arguements, you have all of the judges laughing at you.  That’s exactly what happened in the supreme court when Obama’s lawyers attempted to argue for Obamacare.  They sounded confused because in one part it is a tax in another it’s called a penalty.  It was so bad that Justice Kagan had to finish the lawyers sentence which also brings up a good point.  Justice Kagan is the one who wrote the arguments in the first place.  Why she hasn’t done the honorable thing and recused herself, only god knows.  I am sure about one thing, she’s up to no good.  She wrote the arguements for Obamacare now she’s in a position to judge it.  This shows she, like most liberals, lacks any kind of integrity or honor.

Most people are predicting the vote goes 5-4 with the states winning the judgement and Obamacare being struck down as unconstitutional.  To add to my humor, I heard a Demoncrat on the radio offering to pay for ads against Obamacare cause people really want it.  Really?  It occurs to me that the majority of Americans want this bill to go down sort of like Monica Lewensky on a Friday night while Hillary was dodging bullets in Bosnia.  *Laughing my F*cking Ass Off*  Well ok, she wasn’t dodging bullets but she said she was.  Most liberals will say they had good intentions passing this partisan bill but that does not excuse the clusterfuck this bill is.  They were supposed to create a bill to lower medical prices instead they made it go up by $2,000.  Not even Rush Limbaugh could have predicted that failure…oh wait, he did predict it.  I guess it’s true then, Rush is right 99.7% of the time.  He got a lot of heat for it but he knew the truth before the liberal media could ever conceive the truth.  They were too busy out there claiming Rush wanted to country to fail.

Maybe Demoncrats can finally write a bill that achieves their goal this time.  Oh yeah, they may not get the chance they had when they had the majority of congress.  I guess now they have to really strive for that bi-partison bill.  Even I could have written a better bill than Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid and gotten better results.  I wouldn’t have killed anywhere near the number of trees they did with their 2,500 page bill.  All you really needed was a bill that covered those who couldn’t afford their own health insurance, demanded that all insurance companies are forbidden to drop someone who is sick, and opened up all insurance companies no matter where you live.  That would have put the insurance companies in a position that they had to outbid their competitors on premiums.  Instead we got a socalistic bill that basically forced the whole country into Obamacare.  It makes me want to ask Nancy and Harry, “What does it feel like to be so f*cking stupid?”

Both Harry and Nancy knew that Obamacare was going to cost more than the initial estimates because they put all these accounting tricks in there that the GAO had to weed through.  When they finally got to the end, instead of Obummercare costing 900 billion dollars, it comes to over 1.7 Trillion dollars.  Both of them knew the public would not approve of a bill that would cost trillions of dollars and they were right about that.  Hey they were right about at least one thing in all of this dishonesty.

Anyways, I’m glad the supreme court is hearing about the unconstitutional part of this bill.  If the government wins, there is no end to what they can make us buy.  If Detroit is failing then they could make us all buy a Chevy Volt.  That would really piss me off.  If union membership is down they could make us start joining the unions so they can steal money out of our pockets.  Demoncrats would actually love that if it were the case but it’s not because it’s unconstitutional.  So everyone smile and wave bye bye to Obamacare.  By the way, say bye bye to some of the senators that voted for Obamacare cause they are getting their butts whooped in the primaries.

The Lamestreet Media Attempts To Spin A Story

The lamestreet media rushed out there to make the Zimmerman story about race and should be ashamed now that the rest of the details have come out.  The media attempted to Spin the story about a young black kid (Trayvon Martin) who was shot by a white guy.  Now we find out that Zimmerman was attacked by Trayvon first and there are witnesses who can testify that Zimmerman was attacked first.  So when you boil it down to the very bones of the story, Zimmerman was well within his rights to shoot Trayvon.

The liberal media rushed to judgement and attempted to spin this into a racist act when clearly it was not a racist act.  The usual race baiters joined into the mix and said that Trayvon wasn’t doing anything wrong.  Since when is attacking someone not doing something wrong?  The media even said he was going to get something for his brother attempting to dishonestly classify this as a racist act.  Now the thugs (Black Panthers) are out there putting a bounty on Zimmerman.  Why?  Liberals are nuttier than fruitcake when it comes to justifiable homocides.   If Trayvon wasn’t out acting like a violent thug, we wouldn’t be having this discussion and he’d be at home with his parents instead of being put six feet under.

I don’t expect any of the race baitors to apologize for being such jackasses because that’s who they are.  None of them actually care if they are right or wrong.  Let’s not forget Al Sharpton standing up for the hooker who claimed she was raped by the Duke LaCrosse team.  Al Sharpton never apologized for being wrong then either.  Jesse Jackson never aplogized either for his part in the Duke LaCrosse Team being tried.  In fact, the hooker came out and said she was lying the whole time and none of them ever apologized to one of the Duke LaCrosse guys.  The DA Lawyer who was trying the case got fired and disbarred for his antics in the case because he never revealed that the semen found inside the hooker belonged to someone else while he claimed it was someone on the Duke LaCrosse Team’s DNA.

Bart Stupak Is Stupid and Gullible

The truth has finally come out and the lies are exposed.  The liberal messiah can’t seem to tell the truth if FE Baily notarized his tongue.  My only question is was Bart a useful idiot or was there a wink and a handshake in there when he signed off on Obamacare.  What has been exposed?  Not only are we paying for birth control but now we are all paying for abortions too.  Why?  I didn’t knock the skank up so why in the hell am I responsible for paying for her abortion?  It defies all logic.  We were all led to believe that all women interested in abortion would fund their own abortion by paying for it.  All of this while Demoncrats want the right to tell guys who have Erectile Dysfunction what they have to do to get viagra from a doctor.  That b*tch protests that we can’t legislate the female body but believes it’s perfectly acceptable to legislate the male body.  It is a liberal double standard and it’s got to end.

I still maintain that if Obamacare is so good, the dumbasses that voted for it would want to be on it and not elect themselves out of it.  Obamacare is so good not even the unions wanted anything to do with it.  Demoncrats should be reminded that people wanted people that couldn’t afford healthcare on the program.  NEVER once did we say everyone wanted to be on it.  The communists (The Demoncrat Party) have always wanted single payer healthcare and when they discovered they couldn’t force that upon the American people, they pulled out the current bullshit bill and made deals to get people to vote for it.  That’s another thorn in my side.  If the bill was so damn good, why did they have to try to so hard to get people to vote for it?

The IPCC Has Just Lost All Credibility

I’ve said for years that man-made global warming was a scam yet I had the idiots want to argue their point about a scientific conscensus.  I brought up the fact that I could get 5 people to say something and have a conscensus and that it doesn’t make it true.  Then the mindless numbots began telling me I’m at war with science.  Over the last 7 years we’ve found out a lot about this so-called science.  We’ve found out that it truly wasn’t science.  Does this shock anyone?  We’ve found out that these so-called scientists have been cooking the numbers ever since this dumbass idea got out of hand.  They’ve tried everything, I’ll give them credit for that.  They’ve tried to inflate temperature readings since 1990 by 0.5 degrees Farenheidt, They’ve tried to claim that the medevil warming period wasn’t as warm as records indicated, then they claimed to have lost temperature data, we had the climategate emails come out.  The latest is the discovery that the IPCC was cooking data ontop of what the scientists were cooking.  Apparently, some of the data was not compiled by scientists at all.  It was provided by green peace activists with no scientific degree at all and the data was never in a consensus.  Does that surprise anyone?

You can read the original story here:

I find it hillarious that these so-called smart people are still out there trying to convince us that they are right even as most scientists predict we’re entering into an ice age. The only hope they have is that your too stupid to understand you can’t have warming and a ice age at the same time. So to break all this down for the dumbest of liberals to understand, man-made global warming is a scam to get funding for studies. It’s as real as Santa Clause and the tooth fairy. Maybe we need to get rid of all of the climate scientists and start all over with scientists who have integrity and honor. The climatologists we now have should be tried for fraud and have their credentials taken away from them. Apparently, they don’t know jack about their trade.

Anthony Weiner and Liberal/Democrat Hypocracy

Anthony Weiner is in trouble because he tweeted a picture of his little weiner.  He lied and went on national tv to say that someone hacked his account when he knew deep down that he did not have his account hacked.  He’s your typical spineless liberal.  There are actually liberals out there defending him til this very day. The sad point is that this will not hinder him as a Democrat.  The so-called investigation won’t turn up anything and this will go away in a couple of weeks.  I will say this, Anthony Weiner defines pompous asshole because he’s out there saying he didn’t break any laws by sending lewd photo’s of himself to someone.  Weiner boy did violate a federal policy.  You see anyone else who is a Federal employee gets fired for sexual harrassment.  Republicans lose their jobs over sexual harrassment.  Democrats don’t fire Democrats for sexual harrassment, they grade it and critique their actions.  Weiner boy, sending unsolicited nude photo’s definitely is sexual harrassment just in case your too stupid to understand that.

I hear the left defend Weiner boy and it almost has you asking WTF?  Leftists are out there defending Weiner by saying things like, it’s up to the voters whether or not he leaves office or even more classic of a response “So he sent nude pictures of himself, that does not prevent him from doing his job.”  My response is yes it does prevent him from doing his job.  Congressmen make policy are you going to sit there and try to convince me that Weiner boy doesn’t have to abide by the policies he’s made?  I’m pretty sure he signed onto the sexual harrassment policy.  Why should it apply to other federal employees and not this piece of crap?  How can he enforce a sexual harrassment policy while he violates it?  He can’t have a moral high ground and continue  to sexually harrass women in his district.

I’m going to try to explain why this won’t hurt his career.  Remember how Charlie Wrangle got away clear and free and he commited purgery on official documents and didn’t claim all of his income?  The same thing will happen to Weiner boy.  The Democrats already have a blue print in place for what’s happened.  They are going to attempt to impune the character of the lady who brought this scandall to life.  If she’s been premiscious at any point in her life, they are going to say she wanted a nude photo of weiner boy and that she was asking for it.  I just threw up a little bit in my mouth trying to figure out what woman would find weiner boy appealing.  See the Monika Lewenski scandel, they will replay this blue print for the public and try to make weiner boy the victim in all this.  Just like they did with Bill Clinton (a.k.a. slick willy).  Instead of arguing whether or not he did it, they are going to impune the lady who cried foul.  Their case will be all about her and not weiner boy.  We all know exactly what’s going to happen weiner is going to get off all charges and stay in office.  Now if weiner boy had been a Republican, those lefties would be out there calling for his head on a stick because it fits their template that all Republicans are sexists and are guilty of sexual harrassment while Democrats are not.

Relax Joe Miller, It’s The Liberal Media Showing Their Stupidity!

The corrupt media in Alaska has shown how low they will go and how stupid they really are when they were exposed planning to find a pedophile at one his ralley’s and nail him on it.  I know what most people are wondering how is that showing their stupidity?  Well it’s simple, in the last 5 years it’s mostly teachers being arrested as pedophile’s and they belong to Teacher’s unions.  What party do you know of that supports teacher’s unions?  That’s right, the same party that corrupt media personnel belong to.  So in essence, maybe we should expose democrats running for office by pointing out that they likely have a pedophile attending their campaign rally.  The majority NAMBALA members vote Democrat because they feel they are accepted by tolerant Democrats.  Joe should probably go on the local TV station there in Alaska and point out their ignorance.  Republicans would give pedophiles the death penalty if it were up to us.

Democrats are leveling these kinds of attacks because they have nothing of substance to run on.  Their message is that they will support every destructive plan the liberal messiah has put forth and they are a yes vote for each and every one of these destructive plans.  The only thing left is personal attacks because their message sucks and the majority of Americans know their message sucks.  Alaskan’s should be asking theirselves if they like the status quo (Obama Policies) then they should vote for the Democrat or Lisa Murkowsky.  There is very little difference between the two.  If they don’t like the way Lisa Murkowsky has conducted herself in the Senate then they probably won’t be too thrilled about where the Democrat nominee will take them.  There is only one clear choice for office…Joe Miller.