I’m the lead investigator for Abilene Paranormal Investigation Services.  I did a investigation in Dallas, Texas.  My client moved into a house and I suspect she’s either a victim of Demonic Possession/Oppression.  They moved to a house in Sherman and she’s got photographs of a black mass so dark, it covered up the door.  Her and her husband had been married 30 years prior to moving into this house and he’d never hit her once, within the 6 months they lived there, they had to call the cops 3 times.  Her husband is 6 foot 3 inches and he lost 100 pounds within 6 months and to this day cannot remember any of the time he spent in that house.  He’s been through every medical test known to man and the doctors can’t figure out why he lost that much weight nor can they explain why he can’t remember assaulting his wife.

Fast forward to today.  She’s moved to Dallas and is again confronted with paranormal activity.  With her past she’s desperate to get rid of it.  I attempted to talk her out of it but she let a psychic come in and investigate.  Just based off what she was told, I knew he was a fraudster from the start.  She payed this jackass $210 to come rid her house of the paranormal and he did not do anything.  She was told to answer his questions and not say anything else to him.  I’m sorry but that was a clue to his incompetence.  She had the presence of mind to document this with her iphone.  LMFAO.  He outbriefed her and told her there were no male spirits in her house and you hear a male ghostly EVP say bullshit.

If you have more money than you know what to do with, by all means hire the jackass and have a good laugh.  If you have serious problems that need fixing, I suggest you find someone preferably a priest or clergyman to take of it for you.  Do not waste your time or your money hiring him because he is a fraudster scam artist waiting for a pay day and a ignorant fool to roll for it.  I’d have to say that 99.9% of the guys who call themselves psychic are phoneys.  This guy is a total phoney.