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Obama’s Failures and his Immigration Policy

Tell me how a supposedly ex-constitutional professor get’s his salad tossed multiple times in a week at the supreme court and then turns around and claims he’s going to write executive orders to fix the immigration problem at the border, which he created? To make it worse, he’s attempting to do the same thing that got his hand slapped again with immigration. Meanwhile after the ruling yesterday, Dumbacrats are out in mass saying this is a war on women. It is not and they are being willfully dishonest. Hobby Lobby is paying for 16 out of 20 means of contraception. The 4 methods they do not cover is methods that can result in a home abortion like the day after pill or the week after pill. Additionally, Hobby Lobby pays these women 2 times minimum wage. So even if they don’t cover those 4 methods, they can afford them if they needed them. Women are not forced to work for Hobby Lobby. Meanwhile, leftist losers want to commit arson to Hobby Lobby stores. You people need some serious couch time. Hopefully you have something better than Obummercare.

Another case where Obama had his butt handed to him is his so-called “Recess Appointments” to the labor board. This was a decision from the Supreme Court that was 9 to 0. A unanimous decision. It’s rare when you can get the libs and the republicans on the court to agree on anything but they agreed Obama overstepped his authority.

Obama was slapped down on forcing home caregivers into paying union dues by classifying them as part time government employees without the benefits from either the government nor the union. You shouldn’t be forced into joining a union. The Supreme Court ruled that part time workers can’t be forced into a union.

Obama also lost when he attempted to establish a buffer zone around abortion clinics and the supreme court shot it down as unconstitutional citing that it infringes on the citizens right to assemble.

Now let’s talk about the immigration problem at the border right now because there is evidence they were preparing for this before it hit and also there have been flyers found telling these people how to stay here without getting sent back across the border. The drug cartels are using this chaos at the border to slip drugs across the border because the border agents are all busy taking care of all of the masses that slipped across the border. To fix this possibly self inflicted problem, Obama wants to write more executive orders to bypass congress. The constitution says only congress can pass laws. The liberal messiah is well on his way to having more of his illegal activities ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

I’m surprised that a so-called “constitutional professor” can get his butt handed to him this much in one week. You libs were saying how smart he was but having your laws struck down at the Supreme court does not prove he’s that smart. In fact, if he practiced law like this when he was a lawyer, I wouldn’t have hired him to do anything for me at all because he’s showing me that he is incompetent and doesn’t have as good of a grasp of the constitution as he pretended he did.


Contract Negotiations And The Pro-Sports Unions

I’m actually surprised anyone still watches professional sports anymore.  I quit watching baseball when the greedy players went on strike in Baseball.  I was absolutely pissed to the point, I quit watching them.  My son (The Lib) actually told me that well dad, it’s not fair that the owners are making all of that money.  I say bullshit on that.  1st No matter how much the players salaries go up the owner is still going to make money because he’s going to raise the ticket prices for fans to cover whatever the greedy unions have gotten for the players.  Only a complete moron (liberals) would believe that the owners are going to take it on the chin w/o raising ticket prices.  Owners are not going to lose their part of the profits.  Secondly, Liberals see the owner’s profits as unjust money that the players are entitled to.  That why Unions ruin everything they touch.  Their greed keeps them asking for more and more.  Eventually they will hit a point where the owners are losing money and the greedy unions are going to keep asking for more until there’s nothing there to give them.  Union greed is what’s going to be the end of professional sports today just like it killed the auto industry in this country.  Thirdly, since the 1980’s, the government has created a pay scale saying how much each career field should make so that made the need for unions obsolete.  Football players are making millions of dollars a year for PLAYING football and there’s not a single SOB in this world that can tell me they are worth more than a million a year.  The other thing my son mentioned well dad so many of them retired and are now broke.  My Answer:  They should have saved some money for the future.  They shouldn’t have wasted all that money.  The other thought that crossed my mind is that they should taken some of that money and spent it to go back to college and learn a trade that would allow them to make more money.  If I ever owned a business and all of the workers voted to join a union, I’d close down the business and send them all to the unemployment line.  Unions tend to be good for the lazy workers because they get paid the same as everyone else when they don’t perform as well as everyone else.  That’s exactly why liberals love the unions because they don’t have to do anything to get paid as much as everyone else.  Bottom line is that unions are part of the problem that is sending American jobs overseas and killing the manufacturing industry here in the US.

There You Have It, The US has Rejected Liberalism

Make no mistake, overwhelmingly liberalism has been rejected.  The American Public has spoke and they do not want Crap and Tax, they don’t want Obamacare, they don’t want card check, they do not want bigger government, they don’t want higher deficits, and they don’t want the Obama agenda.  Americans are demanding a balanced budget, less government, repealing Obamacare, and that congress cut spending.

Nevada has spoken loud and clear that they want higher unemployment, higher deficits, we want our representatives to vote for the Obama agenda, and they want Obamacare.

Delaware has spoken loud and clear that they want the same things as Nevada.

Connecticut wants the same things as Nevada and Delaware.

The majority in these states are clearly masochists and love pain.

Obama said that this election is about his agenda.  Americans have rejected Obama’s agenda.  I can only wonder what these unemployed Democrats are going to do now that they are unemployed.  They get to prove to us how good the economy is by running out and getting a job.  That’s right they have made their bed now it’s time to lay down in it.  Hopefully they feel a measure of uncomfortableness in the bed.  Maybe they should have done a better job on that bed.

Republicans need to realize that they got into power not because Americans were voting for them as much as voting against the Democrats.  We were the lesser of two evils.  They need to work hard and eliminate earmarks, improve the job growth, stop job growth in government, and cut spending.  They have to live up to their promises because if they don’t, Americans won’t think twice about turning on the Republicans.

Relax Joe Miller, It’s The Liberal Media Showing Their Stupidity!

The corrupt media in Alaska has shown how low they will go and how stupid they really are when they were exposed planning to find a pedophile at one his ralley’s and nail him on it.  I know what most people are wondering how is that showing their stupidity?  Well it’s simple, in the last 5 years it’s mostly teachers being arrested as pedophile’s and they belong to Teacher’s unions.  What party do you know of that supports teacher’s unions?  That’s right, the same party that corrupt media personnel belong to.  So in essence, maybe we should expose democrats running for office by pointing out that they likely have a pedophile attending their campaign rally.  The majority NAMBALA members vote Democrat because they feel they are accepted by tolerant Democrats.  Joe should probably go on the local TV station there in Alaska and point out their ignorance.  Republicans would give pedophiles the death penalty if it were up to us.

Democrats are leveling these kinds of attacks because they have nothing of substance to run on.  Their message is that they will support every destructive plan the liberal messiah has put forth and they are a yes vote for each and every one of these destructive plans.  The only thing left is personal attacks because their message sucks and the majority of Americans know their message sucks.  Alaskan’s should be asking theirselves if they like the status quo (Obama Policies) then they should vote for the Democrat or Lisa Murkowsky.  There is very little difference between the two.  If they don’t like the way Lisa Murkowsky has conducted herself in the Senate then they probably won’t be too thrilled about where the Democrat nominee will take them.  There is only one clear choice for office…Joe Miller.

The Liberal Messiah Wants To Cut Military Pay

I remember back as the elections started up a black female Staff Sergeant came up to me and asked me how do I decide who to vote for.  I explained I normally vote for the crook that promises not to rape my wallet as bad as the other.  After she was done laughing, I explained that I normally voted for Republicans because they are more civil towards the military and they look out for the military.  I knew a guy that worked in the pentagon who explained how Generals had to change into a coat and tie because Hillary didn’t allow military uniforms in the white house.  How civil is that?  I also told her that Democrats cut the military deep then wonder why nothing is combat ready.  Little did I know that the Liberal Messiah would even think of cutting military pay but here it is, he’s going after the military’s pay.

The liberal messiah wouldn’t ask the unions to cut their members pay so why would he try to cut the military’s pay?  The unions work isn’t half as dangerous as the military’s yet he wants the military guys to go put their life on the line for way less than unions garner for their members.  I can almost hear the combat situations now.  “Uh private smith, we want you to run over there so you can draw their fire but your going to do it for less money than private doe did.”

I remember the liar-in-chief’s words when he talked about veterans, I don’t remember him talking about how he’s going to screw them.  I heard him promise to provide jobs for them but I don’t remember him saying how he wanted to cut their pensions.  I would have remembered that.  He’s a liar today and he’ll still be a liar tomorrow.  Just remember that, there are other promises that I’m sure he’ll break like, If you make less than 250,000 a year, you will not see a tax increase?  Well what in the hell is crap and tax?  That’s a tax and I don’t give a shit how you represent it, it is still a tax.  They are talking about a European style Value Added Tax too.  Is he living in reality or a alternate world where promises don’t mean a thing.  People voted for him because they believed he’d stick to his word.  I think what it all boils down to is that he has complete and utter contempt for the people that elected him into office.  He thinks that politics is a game, liberal jackasses ran around saying he’s a different kind of politician.  Really?  I want whatever in the hell you’ve been smoking.  He’s just like every other politician I’ve ever seen.  He can’t keep promises, he lies, he attempts to go against the wishes of the majority, etc. etc. etc.

If he keeps trying to rape the military on pay, retention will be in the toilet.  He won’t be able to keep people in slots because people will flip him the bird and get out until we don’t have enough people to serve in the military.  Then what genius?  Oh I know, he’ll rely on the homosexuals and the illegal immigrants to join the military.  Wow, that will be a sight to see.  Here’s a applicable little story told by a former member of the Joint Chief’s of Staff.  He had a Turkish general visit and the Turkish General asked him how he keeps the troops so motivated.  He was jealous of how well our military performed their jobs.  You see in Turkey, people are forced to serve in the military and they are literally locked up in the barracks at night and are treated poorly.  Our General simply told him, we pay them.

The most insane part of this is that E-1’s normally live off their paychecks plus food stamps if they have a family.  That’s a sad testiment that the younger troops have to work and go on food stamps while the liar-in-chief attempts to cut their pay.  He also wants to cut my retirement pay.  My pay was promised to me when I retired.  The regs specifically said I’d get a certain percentage of what I was making based on my age, rank, and number of years of service.  I signed a contract (which I did not break) which makes congress liable to keep paying me based on the contracts that I fullfilled which was 20 years worth.  I’m sure the veteran’s groups will be knee deep in someone’s @ss when they go after retiree pay and benefits.  Either way, the liberal messiah isn’t scoring any points with me.  I thought he was an idiot before this but now I know he is one.  Obama doesn’t have the balls to do this to the unions in this country so he decides to pick on the people keeping us safe.  Not exactly the smartest thing he’s ever done but then again, he is a Liberal Democrat bordering on a socialist.

Value Added Tax (VAT) In Healthcare Bill Will Kill Jobs

Right now, grocery stores and retail stores are able to stay competitive in military communities.  Jobs are reliant upon these stores staying competitive.   In Abilene, Texas, Sam’s Club, Walmart, H.E.B. are all able to compete for thousands of military families business with the Base Exchange and the Commissary.  The VAT tax will kill the balance that’s been going on.  Military families aren’t the rich but I guarantee you if times get tough and taxes go high each and every family that is able to use the BX and Commissary, will!  Why?  It’s so simple it’s a no brainer.  The Commissary does not charge taxes on good’s you buy nor will the BX.  It’s true they will raise their prices a little to take away any incentive to black market the stuff but it won’t see the highs of good’s off-base. 

Furthermore, the environment was such prior to the VAT tax that every store was having success and prosperity.  Now, all bets are off because politicians are too stupid to understand the VAT tax will not work as good as they thought.  Typical Democrat thinking normally results in disaster just like prohibition when the Democrats sided with the KKK to impose prohibition on the population.  Yeah, I know the left say all of the racists are within the Republican party but I’m going to simply say there are racists in both parties and leave it at that.  I’m not out to make a partisan point.  Even so, the racists population of the United States are so small they can’t possibly make a point but they do have people in BOTH parties.  There are always consquences no matter what you do but then again, there are always non-intended consequences as this.

If you are in a military community then you are going to lose jobs no matter what the Liberal Messiah may think or say.  The free market can’t handle such an un-balanced market and still thrive.  I’m sure Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are trying to count the money before it gets in their hands right now but they are going to be sadly disappointed when the VAT tax doesn’t bring in as much revenue as they thought it would on paper.  I felt that I should at least be truthful about this because Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and the Liberal Messiah will look you straight in the eyes and lie to you.  They do not have your best interest at heart.  If you think I’m stupid then keep deluding yourself with gradure’ and tell me how it ends.  It’ll probably end with me telling you I TOLD YOU SO but then again, what’s the point.  I told you so’s don’t help in the position that the Liberal Messiah is putting us in involutarily.  Instead of saying I told you so, my retort will be “Well what are you going to do about it?”  There has to be hell to pay and I’m predicting that November 2010 will be like watching a football game where the score is 70-0.  It will be as sporting as clubbing seals not that I condone that.

Liberals Should Be Happy In Their Ignorance (Obamacare)

Yes, I’ve been holding off on saying anything about the unconstitutional health care bill (Obamacare).  Talk about a group of people who haven’t learned from past failures.  Liberals forced prohibition onto the public after they teamed up with the Ku Klux Klan.  Oh, I did not stutter.  They did not count on the mob producing alcohol and selling it on the black market.  I mention this because this is exactly what’s going to happen when it comes to the health care reform debate. 

According to the New England Journal of Medicine, a pretty large percentage of doctors will now stop practicing medicine.  This will have a very negative effect on medical care.  Fewer doctors will send the prices skyrocketing because the doctors that are left are going to be lambasted with sick people.  In turn, this will force insurance companies to raise their rates substantially which will force everyone onto a government plan which will eventually force us all onto a single payer system.  The communists, socialists, and marxists  in the house and senate had this is mind from the start.

However, I’m not so sure the liberal messiah thought that states would drag this bill into the court system because of the unconstitutionality of it.  I mean the government is forcing everyone to buy health insurance.  It’s really not over yet.  My state is one of the states dragging the federal government into the court…God Bless Texas.  There are states out there that are willing to roll over every time the liberal messiah tells them to.  What’s even more, we can’t afford this bill.

Now that the liberal messiah has passed Obamacare what do you think is next?  Jobs?  Hell no, the liberal messiah is working on amnesty for illegals.  He has to work on his next election now that half of the useful idiots that voted for him wouldn’t vote for him again.  That is coming BEFORE fixing the economy or jobs.  I hate to tell you that I told you so but I told you before the emaculation of the liberal messiah that America can’t afford him but I guess I was the only intelligent person saying such a profound thing and I was dismissed as someone unintelligent. I do have a 3-digit IQ but I was an idiot according to liberals.  All of the liar-in-chief’s plans cost money that we don’t have.  His agenda is to kill jobs and this idiot has no plans to help us on jobs.    He wants to thrust crap and tax on us over an elaborate scam (Man-made global warming).

There are a lot of unconstitutional provisions in Obamacare.  The unions are exempted, the cornhusker kickback, the louisianna purchase, and forcing citizens to pay for healthcare insurance are just a few of the unconstititutional problems with the bill.  I’m hoping the court system kills the bill but I’m not sure it will.  At the very least it may make them re-write certain parts of the bill.  Dont’ worry I haven’t forgotten about the taxes that are incorporated into this bill.  It’s a stinking carcass and each and every liberal in the house held their nose while they voted for it.  I’ve heard liberals say it’s better than doing nothing.  Really?  On what planet do you say such a thing?  It’s better to do the right thing than to do something for the sake of doing something.  When you do things for the sake of doing things you tend to make big mistakes.  Can we really afford to make mistakes?  Especially when we’re talking trillions of dollars we don’t have.

Liberals should celebrate their ignorance when it comes to Obamacare.  You just created a medical shortage, created new taxes so that those of us with jobs are going to be looking for another part time job just to maintain our normal standard of living, celebrating the killing off of insurance companies so you can get what you wanted in the first place…single payer, and of course this makes me wonder how many more ignorant moves is the liar-in-chief going to make.  You won a slight victory but it’s not over until Rosie O’Donnell sings and she’s not even warming up yet.  The liberal agenda is going to ruin this country if it’s allowed to succeed.  There was a war in all of this however but the winners were not the American people, it was the communists, socialists, and marxists in this country.  Your average American did not win because the fight was against them.  They did not want this.  Overwhelming majorities  said no to Obamacare yet it still got passed.