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Obama secretly spies on the AP

Oh my, so many scandals happening at once.  In a bit of Irony, the people who have been lapdogs for the administration by outright lying to the people they were supposed to inform have been secretly spied on.  It’s funny but I’m sure nobody in the media has the balls to say a word.  I’m betting they take it and continue being lapdogs instead of being journalists and doing their job.  Oh I’m sure there will be some whining but in the end it isn’t going to change anything.  All Obama has to do is say who’s my b*tch? and the AP will say we are.

I’m amazed at the fact that they will get away with this.  If Bush had done something like this, we’d still be hearing about it 2 presidential elections ago.  They’d be outraged but because Obummer did it, I don’t expect any outrage at all.  They will whine moan and go back to playing their role like nothing happened.


Eric Holder and the 9/11 Scumbags

Eric Holder, Attorney General of the US, used no principles set down in the legal system to make the decision to try 9/11 Scumbag terrorists as criminals.  He talked to his wife and his brother-in-law.  Oh, yeah that’s a freaking blunder.  He asked people who aren’t charged with prosecuting terrorist where they should be tried.  Liberal arguments lack any resemblence of reason.  Here are the losing arguments of the week:

We prosecuted the 93 world trade bombers in civilian court.   Why can’t we do the same for the 9/11 terrorists?  (A)  Law enforcement built the case for this not the intelligence community.  Where this strategy will fall short is that the Department of Defense doesn’t have to maintain a chain of custody on evidence gathered at a battlefield.  They are not law enforcement.  So we could very well see the whole case thrown out of court based on there being no chain of custody for the evidence.  Is that fair?  Absolutely not!!!!!  What about miranda rights?  The military does not mirandize illegal combatants on the battlefield.  It has never been a requirement so now a liberal judge can throw out the charges just based on miranda rights.  Believe me, there are liberal lawyers chomping at the bit to say that not only did their client not receive miranda rights but was prevented to talk to their attorney until recently. 

Liberals have a hard time telling the difference between an act of war and a criminal act.  9/11 was most certainly a war crime if it had been comitted by a legal combatant.  However, terrorist scumbags do not fall within the definition of a legal combatant so they are in essence a illegal combatant.  I realize our supreme court has ruled that terrorist scum should be treated within the guidelines of the Geneva Convention.  However, if you look at the documents in question there are guidelines that must be met to be considered protected.

a.  You must be part of a recognized militia.  Scumbags R Us does not fit this criteria.

b.  You must have a military structure.  No, they have a structure but it isn’t like anything a recognized military would use.

c.  You must wear a military uniform.  Again, Scumbags R Us doesn’t fit into the category.

Holding trials in a civilian court system will only do one thing and one thing only.  It’s Eric Holder’s attempt to put the Bush administration on trial.  Coming from a liberal mind, he sees this as the answer because it knocks two birds out with one stone.  Eric Holder has zero credibility when it comes to dealing with terrorists.  Just look at the pardons that Bill Clinton signed as he was leaving office.  Read up on the Boricua Popular Army and how Eric Holder let these Domestic terrorists walk out of prison having their crimes pardoned.  As a Attorney General, he sucks big time.  However, he represents the quishy liberal philopsophy… Republicans are 10 times worse for the country than a terrorist scumbag.   The idea that he is going to punish those who should be punished is a wash.  He had 2 members of the Black Panthers intimidate voters at a polling booth and they walked scott free.  In fact, I have no doubt that Eric Holder and Barak Huisane Obama will give clemensy to ex-Senator William Jefferson for having $90,000 in his refrigerator.

Oh, I have no doubt that Eric Holder doesn’t want to botch this up and when it happens he’ll say he made a terrible mistake when these guys walk the hell out of our prison system after a judge has thrown out the case.  I’ve had liberals request that I apologize if a judge finds these Al Quaeda members guilty of all charges and sentenced to death.  Just the thought that these scumbags want death makes me not want to support it.  I agree with Ron White on this.  Each and every one of these terrorist scumbags wants to die for islam.  I’m just not sure if they’d be prepared to spend the rest of their days in one of our prison systems living with Big Bubba who is also in there for the rest of his life.  When you put the two together, I’m not sure they are prepared to engage in prison sex for the rest of their lives but I encourage the scumbags to bend over and pray 10 times a day.  Also, my thought is that I’m all for giving Major Nidahl Hassan the death penalty.  Sure, he can be their hero but he’ll also be our example so that others who are into the same bullshit can see what happens when we find a terrorist muslim scumbag in the ranks of our military.

Given the fact that the scumbags will be going to New York for trial, it’s safe to say that they want that big stage to play out the end of their time.  Hell Al Quaeda may plan another terrorist attack to put a exclaimation point on the trials.  Even another reason why Eric Holder is an idiot for doing this.  I can’t see why he wants to put the city of New York through another high alert for a terrorist attack.  This would not happen if we’d have tried these scumbags in a Military tribunnal at GITMO.  Terrorist don’t have access to GITMO so there wouldn’t be the backlash locally to disturb the proceedings.  Also, the military tribunnal will cost about 10 times less because the scumbags will abuse it as a opportunity to justify their conduct.

KSM pleaded guilty at a military tribunnal already.  Trying him in a military court system allows him to recant his plea and delay the proceedings.  I expect the scumbags and their attorneys to turn the courtroom into a circus mocking our court system.  So now, instead of treating KSM as a illegal combatant, we’re going to treat him like a citizen of the US giving him rights that our founding fathers NEVER intended to be bestowed on him.  In fact, our founding fathers had to deal with muslim pirates and apparently they did far worse to the pirates than we have at GITMO.  It doesn’t make it right but it does prove a point when it comes to how we are treating these scumbags.  How’s that hope and change working for everyone else?  I always said Obama will have you hoping he’ll do the right thing and you’ll hope that out of all of the dollars he’s taken, he’ll probably leave you with just change.

By the way, don’t email me just to say I’m hating on the president and Eric Holder.  I hate their policies.  I don’t hate them personally, I don’t know them.  I’m just pointing out they are not as smart as you idiots said he was.  Besides, honestly I hate terrorist scumbags  100 X’s worse than I hate Obama.

Concepts The Anti-War Left Can’t Grasp

Ok, I’ve heard all of them before and it gets really old really fast. So I decided to educate whoever holds these views because it’s obvious to me, they don’t know ANYTHING about the things they try to talk about. In other words, they are so far out in left field that NOBODY is playing ball on that particular field.

1. Do you honestly think the members of our military enjoy war? Use your freakin’ head, they have the MOST to lose in a war. Most of the military sacrafices many things for their job. They leave their families to go fight a war. Some wind up divorced after they return because their wives moved on because they were gone so long. Blaming the military for the war is a crock of crap.

2. Most of the liberal idiots walking around spouting the Liberal talking point “This is a illegal war.” Congress did support the war. It’s support was given mainly because bad intell but President Bush did have the Congress’ support. Consequently, people have attempted to avoid going and were charged with “Failure to go, Desertion, and AWOL.

3. We blame the soldiers for fighting the illegal war. This is rich in Bullshit. I’m in Texas and I CAN TELL THE DIFFERENCE! When you enlist, you take an oath to follow the directions of congress and the president. Nowhere in that oath does it say you have a right to choose which battles you fight. Quite frankly, it’s the judicial branch that decides if the war is a illegal one and not someone who lives in their parents basement smoking weed and is over the age of 30. If soldiers do walk away and not go where they are supposed to, who’s going to give them jobs? The fact they went AWOL or Deserted the military, makes them unemployable. You? Hell most of you guys are unemployed. You and I will never see this topic the same because a. I moved out my parents house when I was 18. b. I’m 43 and not near as flexible as you because I can not bury my head that far up my backside as you can bury yours up your own backside. c. Unlike you, I was in the military for 20 years. d. Unlike you, I’ve been doing my own thinking for 25 years.

The Haditha Marines were guilty as hell and deserved to be punished. That IS NOT what the court martial trials discovered. What the hell? Did you not learn that defendents are presumed innocent until proven guilty? Since when did that disappear from the constitution? You do remember the constitution don’t you? It’s that piece of paper you idiots have been trying to take out all references to god out of and re-write it to include free health care.

The Haditha Marines trial was a sham? Really? The soldiers that were abusing prisoners by taking pictures of them naked were convicted by a court martial. So what your saying is that they are guilty because YOU said they were. Get a life and move out of your family’s basement, quit smoking the wacky tobacco, and start living your life.

Innocent people are getting killed. Ok, I can agree with you on this one. Put yourself in a soldier’s place for a second. Your driving your convoy somewhere and you start getting shot at. The first thing that happens is you get a rush of adrenelin and your heart starts pumping rapidly and you start having a panic attack. You will jump out of your vehical, take cover and start returning fire. I guarantee you, you will start shooting at anything that moves. This is known as fight or flight. At this point the soldier goes into self-preservation mode. If it moves, it gets shot at. This is the kind of people we are fighting in BOTH wars. They want to start a gun fight in a crowded area so that innocent people do get killed. That is their strategy in the nutshell. They are attempting to get the locals on their side by doing such tactics. Our soldiers have done the best job that anyone could possibly do in the absolutely worst atmosphere to do it in. They should be praised.

Bush lied! Absolutely not, if you think that then you are showing the world exactly how stupid you are. There are thousands of intel reports from different agencies. Even contractors sometimes find intel worth stuff and turn it in. So you have all of the agencies cranking out intell. You absolutely have very limited means of determining which intell reports are credible unless the souce has a good track record. That being said, Intelligence reports come down to he said she said. The ideas that Bush manufactures intelligence reports is bogus. They already were out there. When looking at intelligence and trying to make a decision, you look at EVERYTHING you have. To look back after the fact is to ASSUME or ASS/U/ME if you will. You can see 100% clear after the fact in EVERY situation. I know what the anti-war left will say, we know he lied because it’s after the fact. My response is proposterous! I’m guessing the CIA prepared a long document with every bit of intell on it that pertained to Iraq for the last 3 to 4 years. Intelligence is usually as good as the word on the street and if Saddam put the word out he had nukes, of course that information will be in the intel report end-of-story.

Dennis Kasinich is going to impeach Bush! Sure and I suppose you believe in the tooth fairy too. Dennis is wasting his time because he is a loser and doesn’t understand he’s wasting his time. His arguments have NO substance and he can’t prove any of it. It’s all speculation and nothing concrete, so you continue to believe Dennis is going to impeach Bush all by himself. Your wasting your time and energy too believing in Dennis. Dennis is not the brightest bulb in the drawer. He did go to Iran and talk bad of the US. He’s more than a few fries shy of a happy meal.

This liberal controlled congress has proved over and overal again it can’t get things done. You people brag about speaker pelosie while she gives Bush everything he wants and more. Then you guys sit around upset because she did. Speaker Pelosie is no better or no worse than Dennis, she’s also more than a few fries shy of a happy meal. Who else is your heros in Congress, Harry Reid? He is in way over his head and he’s not too bright either. He’s attempted to say that global warming caused the fires in California. Last time I checked most were started by lightning and it would not be as bad if the wildlife nuts hadn’t mettled in the law that says you can’t clear out brush. Yes this provides more fuel for the fire but I digress.

I’m sure most of you guys look at Obama as your hero. It’s pathetic but whatever. Most of you are probably counting on Obama getting all of Hillary’s votes and probably believe Obama will kick ass in this election. You are overlooking key elements that you should have thought of. 1. Operation Chaos. In case you missed it, this was a strategy based plan that a lot of pissed off Fred Thompson and Mitt Romney supporters engaged in over the outrage of having McCain selected for us by liberals and moderates. McCain did not need our votes to win the primary. The strategy was simple and pure genious. We created chaos in the Democratic party by keeping Hillary in the race till the end. She did what she was supposed to do, she bloodied and bruised Obama to no end. That being said, all of us will probably be voting Republican in November. All of the drive by media missed the intent. They assumed we were trying to get Hillary the nomination. That never was the goal, the point was that McCain refused to go after either one of the Democratic nominees. Who better to vett Obama than a Clinton? Well that and it was amusing to read liberals comments on drudge stating that the super delegates would not go against party lines. LMFAO. It was more fun than watching TV. I had a good laugh at they’re expense while they attempted to deal with the chaos that ensued. 2. Another fine point is how many Hillary supporters who supported Hillary because she was a woman will jump party lines and support John McCain and his VP pick of a female? I would say a large percentage will vote for McCain based on his selection of a female VP. That’s exactly why the drive by media is attempting to slander her because they know some females are jumping off the Obama train and headed to McCain. Obama has wrecked his chances of getting the white southern men vote by his comments about us clinging to our guns and religion and showing antipathy for those who don’t look like us. I was VERY affended at that comment and it’s a absolute Bullshit comment. Most of the liberals were swearing that statement was true. Fine, believe what you want but in November, I suggest you plan on a DEFEAT party because Obama will NOT win. 3. Obama has lost support over his affilliations with Reverend Wright, Black Theology, Bill Aires, and Tony Resko. Most of his early voting states are just dying to correct their vote now that Obama’s dirty laundry has been put out to dry.

By the way, music required for DEFEAT parties is normally blues tunes. So make sure you go stock up on some BB King, eric clapton, Long John Hunter music!

The Left Have Cornered The Market On Hate

I was actually appalled at the things the left were saying at the announcement of Tony Snow’s death on the Drudge Report.  I am repulsed by anyone who uses someone’s death to either make a political point or to somehow say the death was karma related.  This unfortunately is who the left is.  Down and Dirty, this is why they feel they have to hide exactly who they are.  There comments so vile that I will not mention them here, they are that bad.  Use your imagination, as I’ve said some pretty bad things here about Michael Crook, they are mild compared to the stuff the left said about Tony Snow.  When Tony left his job in the whitehouse because of health concerns, someone from The Daily Kooks website wished Tony would die because he worked for President Bush.

These are the same people that hate this country.  If asked, they will tell you about all the evil stuff we’ve done in the past and then insult your patriotism.  My opinion on this is, you have to think of your country as a son who’s done bad things.  You still love them but hate the bad things they have done.  In this situation, the left would hate their son. 

One person on the thread said that Tony Snow was a conman for Bush & Co.  I asked for proof and he backed down.  There is no proof of his claims.  I came back and asked for links to prove his point.  He never provided me a link.  That’s when I came back and said your so ignorant your attempting to criminilize Tony with no proof because the brightest minds in the Democratic Party cannot find where Tony did anything criminal.  Still like the captain of a ship that’s going down, they refuse to get off the ship.

These are the same mindless idiots that say GI’s deserve to die because they followed orders from our Commander-in-chief.  This statement shows the extent of hate on the left.  When you sign the contract to enlist in our armed forces, there isn’t a clause that says you have the right to cherry pick which wars you support.  It says that you will be wherever the government tells you they want you. Examples of these idiots are Code Stink and most of the leftist anti-war movement.

To show more hate, if I need to, to prove my point.  The left is rabidly pissed off most of the Haditha Marines have been found innocent.  They keep insisting that they committed war crimes when the marines have had their day in court.  They say that the court was tainted.  However most of the Abu Graive defendents were found guilty. 

The left hates on big oil when big oil only makes 7 cents a gallon on gas.  The government makes 69 cents a gallon.  Why doesn’t the left hate on the government?  They make more per gallon than the oil company.  US sales only account for 1/4th of big oil’s profits.  They make way more money selling oil to forgeign markets.  The left’s attacks on big oil come in the form of activists attempting to keep big oil from drilling because the spotted moose (Just insert the real animal here) lives there.  These groups present other dangers.

In California, you can’t clean out the brush in the woods on your property because some sort of snake lives in the brush.  Right now they are plagued with wild fires caused by lightning strikes.  This law (Pushed by animal activists) is dangerous because it gives fire more fuel to burn down the state.  If the brush had been cleaned out of the woods, these fires wouldn’t travel as fast as they do.  That snake isn’t well served by allowing it to BBQ but they still persist.  These groups hate humans so much they allow they’re homes to be burnt to shreds in the name of protecting a snake that get’s BBQ’d everytime there is a lightning strike.

Another source of Hatred from the left is on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).  Somehow they believe that they’re calls are being monitored.  They are kidding themselves when they believe the government is interested in THEIR conversations.  Genuinely, I laugh at that notion.  I’d compare that to listening to my wife talk.  She’s manic depressive (bi-polar).  I could go weeks and weeks without listening to most of the stuff she wants to talk about.  I don’t consider listening to liberals moaning and groaning any different than listening to my wife.  Most people on the left felt like they were kicked in the teeth by their Messiah (Barrack Obama) when he voted for the bill.

I can only speculate why the left hates so much and get’s so angry over everything.  I mean if we look at reality, we’d have to say that everything that Bush & Co have asked our Democratic majority congress for they’ve given him what he wanted or exceeded what he asked for.  That alone is enough to send your average leftist into a spitting angry rage.  They are angry that the brightest leftist minds in politics can’t pin a crime on George W. Bush.  That has to consume them with hate and anger simultaneously.  So I guess it would be logical for them to hate on Tony Snow.

If all you feel is hate and contempt, you really don’t enjoy life.  You sit in your hate and contempt while life passes you by.  Your not exactly thankful for another day living in one of the best countries on the face of this earth.  Sure, I make comments here and there about politics but in my daily life, I don’t waste any of my time worrying over politics.  Life is way too short to think politics 24/7.  We’re all human beings before we are Republican or Democrats.  There is a lot of people on the left that will hate you all the way to the grave because of your views.  It’s human to offer your condolances to Tony’s family.  It’s downright hateful to say that because he supported an evil regime that he somehow deserved to die.  Those that would say that probably need some major couch time and maybe even full-time residency in the mental hospital of your choice.

Noriega and The FISA Blunder

Representative Rick Noriega opposes the FISA bill because he says that National Security Agencies were abusing their powers and monitoring Troop communications with their families.  This is absurd. 

However, Rick has a lack of tangible evidence that his calls were being monitored.  It’s funny that none of the other soldiers felt their calls were being monitored.  Obviously, Rick and his wife had some really interesting conversations, I mean why else would he be attempting to say that National Security Agencies were monitoring his communications?  No, Rick, your not quite that special but keep hoping.

Rick obviously doesn’t understand the bill as written.  Rick has problems with the FISA bill when the Democratic Party supported the bill and didn’t have any problems with it.  Rick is trying to create a boogie man out of the FISA bill.  However, he got caught attempting the old Democratic Party ritual of throwing enough crap and see if anything sticks.  He lacks evidence and he lacks credibility by even suggesting it.  Obviously Rick feels like we shouldn’t bust Achmeds ass for attempting to plot another attack over the phone system and he’s willing to write the scumbags a pass they can use anytime they want without any opposition at all.  Rick wants us to believe he’s strong on National Defense but if elected, he’ll do everything he can to make sure we can’t bust Achmeds ass.

There has been no allegations of FISA being abused so Rick’s concerns are unfounded.  If there had been, you can be rest assured the whole thing would blow up in the news.  There would be angry senators on BOTH sides should this happen.  This HAS NOT happened, so to accuse people of abusing their power when they haven’t is just an elitest attitude as far as I can see.

To hear Noriega’s misguided comments click here.

Rick wants to give the Islamic Extremists the FREEDOM to kill our citizens.  That is the wrong thing to want.   Senator John Cornyn voted to cutt off the terrorist’s freedom to use the public phone system to plot their attacks.  Senator Cornyn realizes the United States is in for the fight of our lives and that the FISA bill can be an effective tool for National Security Agencies to use to seek out the Islamic Extremists and catch them before lives are lost.  Shame on you Rick!

Hypocrits At Work

The Demorats had a problem with the NIE intel report that said Iraq/Sadam had nukes.  They argued with it and accused President Bush of “Cooking the books.”  After discovering that the information was incorrect, they accused Bush of lying to them.  Now fast forward to today.

They are willing to swear by another report that says Iran quit their nuclear program back in 2003.  In fact, 6 months ago, they said that Iran was producing Nuclear material.  Why the change of opinion?  Most of the data used is classified information so we’ll never see it but I sure hope politicians have the intelligence to review the classified reports in lieu of taking their word for it.

If this is the result of political manuvering, I will want heads on platters!  This is not like running 6 year olds in front of cameras to demand health insurance.  This is serious business.  If Iran hasn’t stopped building a nuclear arsenal there is consequences to the world as we know it.  There are news reports that all of the writers are anti-Bush types and have an agenda.  If they have downplayed intelligence, I think they should be charged with treason and sent to Club GITMO.

I’d even encourage the Democrats to look at the source documents for the intel report.  We (The US) can’t afford bad intel reports and sloppy reporting.  My biggest fear is that this report is the Democrats way to offset us declaring the Iranian Elite Guard as a terrorist organization.  If this is the case, then this is the most reckless way to dispute the fact they are supporting Al Quaeda.

Spying On The Enemy & Spyware

I, for the life of me, can’t figure out why people are so upset that the government monitors calls coming into the US from Pakistan.  They place more disdain over that than companies producing spyware in the US.  Why?  I don’t understand that.  It does not and never will make sense to me.  When you reduce your issues to the bare core, it’s the same thing. 

Spyware interferes with your computer’s performance and yet this is perfectly legal in our society and not many people protest it.  Yet, their willing to protest the monitoring of calls from the middle east into the US.  To put this is simple terms it’s like telling me 1 + 1 = 1.  It defies logic to me and doesn’t make any sense to me.  Maybe it makes sense to members.  If any of you members would like to explain this to me, I’d be more than happy to hear your side of the issue.