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New Poll Say’s 71% Of Obama Voter’s Regret Their Vote

LMFAO, My recommendation is that you people should never vote again because you are irresponsible.  You couldn’t be bothered to take the time to listen to his speeches and look at everything he told you he was going to do.  You ignored his religious beliefs when it comes to manmade global warming and what that means to your paycheck.  You ignored all of the problems that were brought to light during big ear’s first term as it relates to Obamacare.  You even ignored what common sense said about how the economy is not working now because of the Obama administrations reckless handling of the economy.  He’s killed more jobs than he promised he’d create.  You gingerly stuck your head in the sand or any other places while the middle class shrunk.  You ignored the fact that prices for everything you use from food to gas went up while your check was smaller than it was before.  All the while these things were going on, you just closed your eyes and chanted hope and change while you were drinking Kool-Aid. 

Now that you cast your vote for “The One,” “The liberal messiah,” the rest of the world has been laughing at us ever since. 

You’ve graced us with countless conspiracies and scandals.  Obama gave gun to the Mexican mafia, but has tried to take them away from law abiding citizens, Benghazi where our government allowed the torture and murder of 4 American citizens while one of them was begging the Obama administration for better security and the Dems in the state department just laughed at them, the IRS scandal where the IRS showed a bias towards Conservative groups, mediagate 1 and 2, Spying on the citizens, etc. 

Veterans were told they won’t be getting pay raises while illegal aliens are being given handfuls of cash.  Obama voter’s owe the rest of the US an apology.  We did our research and listened while you determined you didn’t have time to pay attention to the message.  It may take years to fix all of the damage done by incompetent politicians to the United States.


A New Approach What Has Obama Done Right?

I want to hear from the ignorant masses about what the Bamster has done right.  From my perspective, he’s bungled everything he’s tried to do, told more lies than Bill Clinton, and created mutiple scandals.  His economic policies have not worked in fact as soon as he won the election, people lost their jobs.  He hasn’t changed his strategy so in essence, you Obama voters have doubled down on failure.  Obamacare is attrocious and reminds me of a old saying.  The worse you want it the worse you’ll get it.  Obamacare creates more problems with healthcare than it fixes.  He did kill Osama Bin Laden but it took him 6 months and a day to make that decision.  He had no alternative than to successfully do this because his only part was telling the navy seals to do it.  They did the rest.  Other than that, he threw lavish parties at the white house, took like 5 vacations a year, and played endless rounds of golf.  He refused to provide adequate security for our ambassador and as a result the ambassador was killed on the anniversary of 9/11.  He got caught creating a problem with guns in Mexico so he could force gun control on us here in the US.  It backfired and he’s claiming executive privilege when it comes to answering questions.  His first 4 years screams gross incompetence.  He’s gone on a ignorant rant about how the rich aren’t paying their fair share yet not intelligent enough to know that this move is bound to bite the middle and lower class on the ass.  The government does not create jobs…they never have.  The government creates an atmosphere where employers employ more people to work in their businesses.  The rich won’t get hurt by raising their taxes yet ignorant people claim it’s fair that job creators pay more and employ less.  Obama did create one job, we still need an ambassador to Libya, any takers?

Statistically, none of his voter groups are better off since he won the presidency 4 years ago.  Employment has gone down across the board.  Gas prices shot up and along with that all products had their prices raised.

Thanks To The Truely Ignorant

Alrighty then, the dow took a plunge today and countless people lost their jobs because their jobs were based on the election.  Pat yourself on the back America for increasing the misery because you are all such masochists.  The sad part is you people don’t know how truely ignorant your choice for President was.  If you thought groceries and gas was high before the election, strap on your tin foil hat because it’s fixing to get worse and who’s paying for it?  The middle class is of course.  While you are eating sandwiches, he’ll be throwing lavish state dinners, taking 5 vacations a year, and playing endless round of f*cking golf while you get poorer.  Obama doesn’t give a sh*t what his policies do to the middle class.  The economy isn’t even on his radar.  What’s on his radar is soaking the middle class with UN taxes so that we pay for their miserable existence in our country.  You can kiss the liberal messiah’s ass if you want to but I intend on getting rid of everything that get’s a UN tax on it because I refuse to pay a bunch of communists, socialists, Nazis,faschists, and booger eating morons a red penny.

Thanks to the truly ignorant, everyone’s taxes will go way up.  So you essentially established a war on the low and middle class.  I hope you people are proud and remember, I told you that I do not want to hear anyone that voted for the liberal messiah bitching because you lost that right when you voluntarily voted for this POS.  You voted for this misery, I did not.

More Liberal Hypocracy

Liberals exude hypocracy constantly.  For those of us who have been watching, we know that Obama going to a racist church and spending lots of time with a racist pastor isn’t a big deal but Mitt Romney playing a prank on someone who might have been gay is a big deal….not sure there is any evidence to support this as this person has passed on.  Pranks aren’t you pulled at 20 years old aren’t exactly indicating of anything because everyone changes between that time and when you hit your mid 50’s early 60’s.  Some people were bullies at 20 but at 50, they realized that was wrong.  So the liberal media is doing the best they can do to ignore Obama’s past.  My only question is if the media has their head up their own ass or is it neck deep into Obama’s?  I’m just saying.  My other thought is between the two, racism is always worse than a prank.  Racism is wrong and it doesn’t matter what race the person is who is doing it.

Even Louis Farrakhan is racist but this is also accepted by liberals.

Anyways, I’m not buying the bullshit.  Mitt Romney playing a prank on someone who may have been gay isn’t enough to keep me from voting for Mitt Romney.

I Was Called Heartless By A Communist Because I Think Communism Sucks!

Apparently, I’m heartless.  I can deal with that.  Last time I checked, I’m not responsible for anyone other than my family and I don’t have any bastards running around…I’ll assure you of that!  I remember a time not that long ago that family stuck together and when one of our own got sick, the family took care of them.  We didn’t send our old off to “rest homes.”  If one of us got laid off the family banded together during tight times and took care of each other.  Now days, family doesn’t mean what it used to anymore because of liberal social programs.  Back then, we had 3 groups that helped us through the good and bad times.  We had our relatives, we had the church, and we had our friends.  Liberals got into office and decided to decay all three of those support groups because they felt government can do better than all 3 of those but it can’t.

I’m not exactly sure why I should support anyone that I don’t know and why should I?  I’m sure there is a dumbass de-balled male out there going because it will make you feel good about yourself.  Truth is, I feel damn good about myself as it is.  I’ve raised 2 kids who are both professionals.  They don’t work at burger king or mcdonald’s.  One is a school teacher and one is a lawyer.  Why should I support some lazy ass who refuses to go to work and pay his or her fair share of taxes?  The same dumbass de-balled male is out there saying “Well Mither Walker, your already paying for those people to get by.”  Yes and I blame castrated politicians and males for that.  I know people who could work but won’t because welfare pays them not to work.  The closest thing those people do for a living is prostitute themselves out so they can pay for their extensive drug habit and use welfare to pay their bills and groceries.  That is absolutely one of the reason’s they should have to pass drug tests to get their welfare checks.  I have to take one randomly at work so why should they be spared any humilliation?  In fact when I have to take a drug test, it’s not like one of those deals where I go into a room by myself and fill up the cup.  I walk in and there is someone there to watch the fluid leave my body and into the cup.  I can’t be bothered to feel sorry for anyone that is forced to take a drug tests to get their freebies.

They are Pulling The Weiner (Congressman Anthony Weiner)?

Ok, seriously, I underestimated how scared liberal Democrats are this coming election.  If Weiner had stuck to his guns and not resigned, I don’t think he’d have been kicked out of office.  I mean he is a registered Democrat after all.  Everyone already knows that liberals don’t run on morals because most of them don’t have any.  Liberal Democrats have every reason to be scared this election cycle.  People are referring to George W. Bush’s 2 terms in office as the good old days.  Obama has said the economy and jobs has his undivided attention and still stuff is going down the toilet.  I wonder what would have happened if he’d just ignored them?  LOL.  Obama has lost the majority of the so-called independent voters.  Unemployment is at 9 percent putting the real number at double digits.  We have inflation.  Gas prices keep surging upward.  Record levels of people are now on food stamps while Obama tells us that the economy is doing good.  The courts are shooting down his legislation as fast as he can write them.  There’s a poll out there overwhelmingly people are saying his presidency is far worse than Jimmy Carters.  Even Jimmy Carter is out there doing back flips because he is no longer viewed as the worst president ever.

Once Again, Students At Columbia University Prove They Are Idiots!

The latest incident at Columbia University proves without a doubt that they are nothing more than idiots.  We (America) send our kids to get an education yet if we evaluated these institutions based on what they actually learned, this university would wind up owing it’s students most of their education costs because they do such a lousy job at educating them.

The college held a town hall meeting to discuss whether they should allow ROTC back on it’s campus and Staff Sergeant Anthony Maschek, An Iraqi veteran who was awarded the purple heart for being shot 11 times, got up to speak and these classless liberal idiots started booing, hissing, and overall heckling him.  Some of these liberal idiots stood up and began calling him a racist.  Really?  Are you really going to try to go there?  I really have no idea where these classless individuals attempted to get their information from but here are some facts.  In the military, everyone is treated the same, white, black, asian, etc.  YOUR survival depends on a lot of people and some of those people could be minorities.  So if Staff Sergeant Anthony Maschek was a racist, do you really think he’d be here now?  I mean he did get shot 11 times.  When members of the Armed Forces are attempting to solve a problem, we do not care what race the individual is that has an answer.

Your average liberal has absolutely no concept of civility.  I’m sure the communists at Columbia University are just as ignorant about civility.  The liberal definition is that you have to remain civil while they don’t.  When George Bush was in office, the leftists in this country were not civil at all.  They wrote a movie about how to assassinate  George Bush.  Really?  Is that civility?

Again, can someone explain to me how calling a Wounded Iraq War vet a racist is civil?  Even when these idiots don’t have one piece of evidence to say that Staff Sergeant Anthony Maschek is a racist.  I have a couple of terms I use for people like the students at Columbia.  One of them is “The Young and the useless, they are their own personal drama.”  My other term is intelilectually dishonest.  The definitiion of intelilectually dishonest is like when Obama told us we can keep our own insurance and then designed a system that automatically forces everyone into a system that does not allow you too keep your insurance.