Congratulations America, You Have Proved Half Our Population Is Stupid

We are all swimming around in a toilet bowl and you idiots just pulled the handle and we are going down the toilet.  The funny thing is you people are so f*cking stupid you are going to act like a deer in the headlights when you have to start paying the UN tax on your internet connection.  You are going to lose the right to own a gun.  Apparently, you people are so stupid that you honestly believe Obummer is going to go after the rich and it’s not going to hurt you at all.  Suprise, you are going to find out that you lose not the rich.  You people doubled down on failure and your going to get everything coming to you.  If you voted for Obummer, you lost the right to complain because you voted for this shit.


Bill Clinton Asks “Who Wants A President Who Will Knowingly, Repeatedly Tell You Something He Know’s Isn’t True?”

OMG, I almost spit my morning drink all over my monitor when I read this headline!  LMFAO, So slick Willie is endorsing Mitt Romney right?  People might have forgot that Bill Clinton told a few whoppers when he was president too but next to Obama, Bill is a rank amateur when it comes to lying.  Two things are required to pull off such a lie.  You can’t be caught in a lie before you make such a statement to be considered credible.  The person your talking about can’t be caught lying.  We’ve repeatedly caught the liberal messiah in one lie after another.  So the person he’s talking about isn’t necessarily credible because he’s been caught lying.  To answer Bill Clinton’s question, Democrats would knowingly elect a president who lies to them constantly.  That’s why they are such losers.

The liberal messiah started out his presidency with a lie, i.e. if you like your insurance, you can keept it” and ended his term with “The Benghazi attack was due to a anti muslim film!  It wasn’t a terrorist attack.”  The Benghazi incident is impeachable!  The president knew Ambassador Stevens was in trouble up to a month before and he did nothing but watched him die like the whole incident was for his enjoyment!  I don’t give a rat’s ass if the president sends a team in to kill the perpetraitors now or not.  It does not mean anything at all at this point because Ambassador Stevens and the Navy seals are dead already.  While we are on the subject of the president lying, how about Fast and Furious.  It proves that Eric Holder and Obama are consumate liars.  Holder tried to tell us that Fast and Furious was started under George Bush yet he can’t provide any documentation.  The whole thing was a roose.  They sent those guns over not to track them because tracking devices weren’t used.  This was done to push gun control down out throats and to shred the second amendment.  Just like signing the small arms treaty and allowing the UN to have jurisdiction over our guns.  It’s a ploy designed to shred the constitution and destroy it.  Even more disgusting is the fact that our government allowed cartel members to run drugs across the border which probably profited Muslim Extremists.  So we are allowing extremists to make money off the US so they can finance their war on us and you libs tried to tell us the liberal messiah is the smartest man on the planet.

Nanny Bloomberg’s Leadership Abilities

Honestly, Nanny Bloomberg could lead a fly out of a bag of sh*t even if the bag was open.  It does not surprise me he’s doing a lousy job at taking care of storm victims in his state.  Denying your citizens a large sugary drink isn’t exactly leadership when it encroaches on their freedoms.  Trying to force your constituents loose weight encroaches on their freedom of choice and there is absolutely no excuse good enough to explain yourself.  Making you loose weight is not a valid function of the government but a very good example of a government reaching into your freedom and denying you any of it.

A False Claim By The Homosexual Lobby

I’ve said many times in the past that liberals lie either through outright lies or deceiving truths and that’s where this falls.  Their claim is that homosexuality is natural and animals do it all of the time.  What they aren’t telling you is that most animals do not love each other and the act is used to claim their dominance over the other animal.  This is how animals establish their pecking order.  If you have two male dogs this will happen because one dog will be the alpha male and the other will be his b*tch.  They don’t love each other.  Female dogs will sometimes hump another dog to let them know she’s more masculine than the male dog and that he’s not worthy to breed with her.

Soros Think Tank Recommends Cuts To Military Benefits

George Soros’ think tank is recommending cuts being applied to Military Benefits.  This is a bad idea and it’s based on incredibly flawed thought processes.  They want to reduce the size of our active duty military personnel because they falsely believe that if the US should ever come under attack that our allies will come help.  That’s bullshit thinking right out of the gate.  France wouldn’t even help us get Germany out of France during WW II.  Nobody on the United Nations would help us if we came under attack and that’s the cold reality these communists, socialists, nazi’s, and booger eating morons at the Center For American Progress put too much faith in the world considering history tells us that these countries don’t think twice about calling us in to help them with their problems.  This is not a two way street and these idiots need to wake up and smell the coffee.

Secondly, they want to kill military retiree benefits.  Essentially their idea is to screw everyone who has defended this country for over 20 years and go back on what we each were promised.  According to the commies at the Center For American Progress, we aren’t owed anything in return for our service and disabilities we’ve incurred from defending the country.  They also want to make retirees wait until they reach 60 to start receiving their retired pay.  They believe it’s ok to go back on their word and promises to Retirees.  They also intend on capping retired pay and  restricting health benefits that we were promised that the government has already screwed many of us out of already.

Additionally they want us to close some more bases which I really don’t have a feeling about one way or another.  However, the savings obtained through all of this will go to other social programs and not towards the debt and they really are ignoring the people who getting the most money out of retirements….congress.  If you communist bastards are going after military benefits then you should go after congressional benefits.  After all, that’s who screwed up our economy with their reckless spending but the Center for American Progress don’t go after the people who deserve to have their benefits slashed because they are communists and under every communist regime you have 2 classes….the ruling class and the working class.  They would NEVER EVER think of cutting congressional retirement benefits.

International Observers Claim Texas Is Violating An International Agreement

LOL.  The UN is whining over the fact that Texas will have them arrested if they come within 100 feet of our polling stations.  Maybe the UN needs to go back and look at their agreement, Texas did not sign it.  The states have the right to make laws controlling access to our polling stations.  By letting UN observers within 100 feet of the polling station means we are in compliance.  We didn’t tell them they couldn’t come we just said they have to stay 100 feet away.  My suggestion to the UN inspectors is “Save the drama for your mama!”

How come Kids know it’s not fair and adults don’t?

I love this clip.  These kids haven’t been indoctrinated into the school system yet and they definitely know right from wrong and can tell you socialism isn’t fair.