LMFAO, My recommendation is that you people should never vote again because you are irresponsible.  You couldn’t be bothered to take the time to listen to his speeches and look at everything he told you he was going to do.  You ignored his religious beliefs when it comes to manmade global warming and what that means to your paycheck.  You ignored all of the problems that were brought to light during big ear’s first term as it relates to Obamacare.  You even ignored what common sense said about how the economy is not working now because of the Obama administrations reckless handling of the economy.  He’s killed more jobs than he promised he’d create.  You gingerly stuck your head in the sand or any other places while the middle class shrunk.  You ignored the fact that prices for everything you use from food to gas went up while your check was smaller than it was before.  All the while these things were going on, you just closed your eyes and chanted hope and change while you were drinking Kool-Aid. 

Now that you cast your vote for “The One,” “The liberal messiah,” the rest of the world has been laughing at us ever since. 

You’ve graced us with countless conspiracies and scandals.  Obama gave gun to the Mexican mafia, but has tried to take them away from law abiding citizens, Benghazi where our government allowed the torture and murder of 4 American citizens while one of them was begging the Obama administration for better security and the Dems in the state department just laughed at them, the IRS scandal where the IRS showed a bias towards Conservative groups, mediagate 1 and 2, Spying on the citizens, etc. 

Veterans were told they won’t be getting pay raises while illegal aliens are being given handfuls of cash.  Obama voter’s owe the rest of the US an apology.  We did our research and listened while you determined you didn’t have time to pay attention to the message.  It may take years to fix all of the damage done by incompetent politicians to the United States.