Honestly, on the Trayvon Martin case, it’s a shame he died.  Both Zimmerman and Trayvon created a climate where someone was going to die.  I’m not saying Trayvon is the only blame here, he’s not.  Zimmerman could have handled this is a more professional manner instead of playing the creepy old bastard following a young 17-year old kid.    I’m just saying.

First off, carrying a gun has very huge responsibilities.  I should know, I’m a 20 year military veteran.  You should do all you can do to stop the situation because drawing down a weapon is a last case scenario and it is also a final scenario that you can’t take back later.  Zimmerman could have called Trayvon over and introduced himself and shook hands instead of following him around and creeping Trayvon out.  Then he could have asked if he stayed in the neighborhood.  Hell Zimmerman could have drove around the block to observe Trayvon but he didn’t.  Trayvon shares some of the blame too because we all know he’s not pure white as the driven snow.  Trayvon could have kept his anger in check and asked Zimmerman why he was following him.  Trayvon could have ignored Zimmerman and gone on about his business instead of acting like a thug.  That could have possibly fixed both situations but then again, you never know at this point because all your doing is second guessing what either one of them could have done to avoid this tragedy.

The only thing I’m unsure of is the timing of when 911 told him to stop following Trayvon and when he turned around to go back to his vehicle.  If you listen to the 911 call he was breathing hard as he was following him which tells me he was on foot and not in his vehicle.  I do not condone either of these individuals actions.  There is a witness that says Trayvon was ontop of Zimmerman.  Trayvon’s girlfriend did not see anything, therefore anything she thought she heard she can’t prove one way or another.   Honestly, as you look over the evidence, there isn’t a jury in the world that would convict Zimmerman with the witnesses testimony that backs up Zimmerman’s story.  I’m convinced it had nothing to do with race as both Zimmerman and Trayvon were both minorities.  The only person talking any sense is Pastor Bryant and I believe him over Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson any day of the week and twice on the weekend.  Pastor Bryant is a former NAACP president and a fellow Texan.