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Obama secretly spies on the AP

Oh my, so many scandals happening at once.  In a bit of Irony, the people who have been lapdogs for the administration by outright lying to the people they were supposed to inform have been secretly spied on.  It’s funny but I’m sure nobody in the media has the balls to say a word.  I’m betting they take it and continue being lapdogs instead of being journalists and doing their job.  Oh I’m sure there will be some whining but in the end it isn’t going to change anything.  All Obama has to do is say who’s my b*tch? and the AP will say we are.

I’m amazed at the fact that they will get away with this.  If Bush had done something like this, we’d still be hearing about it 2 presidential elections ago.  They’d be outraged but because Obummer did it, I don’t expect any outrage at all.  They will whine moan and go back to playing their role like nothing happened.


Bill Clinton Asks “Who Wants A President Who Will Knowingly, Repeatedly Tell You Something He Know’s Isn’t True?”

OMG, I almost spit my morning drink all over my monitor when I read this headline!  LMFAO, So slick Willie is endorsing Mitt Romney right?  People might have forgot that Bill Clinton told a few whoppers when he was president too but next to Obama, Bill is a rank amateur when it comes to lying.  Two things are required to pull off such a lie.  You can’t be caught in a lie before you make such a statement to be considered credible.  The person your talking about can’t be caught lying.  We’ve repeatedly caught the liberal messiah in one lie after another.  So the person he’s talking about isn’t necessarily credible because he’s been caught lying.  To answer Bill Clinton’s question, Democrats would knowingly elect a president who lies to them constantly.  That’s why they are such losers.

The liberal messiah started out his presidency with a lie, i.e. if you like your insurance, you can keept it” and ended his term with “The Benghazi attack was due to a anti muslim film!  It wasn’t a terrorist attack.”  The Benghazi incident is impeachable!  The president knew Ambassador Stevens was in trouble up to a month before and he did nothing but watched him die like the whole incident was for his enjoyment!  I don’t give a rat’s ass if the president sends a team in to kill the perpetraitors now or not.  It does not mean anything at all at this point because Ambassador Stevens and the Navy seals are dead already.  While we are on the subject of the president lying, how about Fast and Furious.  It proves that Eric Holder and Obama are consumate liars.  Holder tried to tell us that Fast and Furious was started under George Bush yet he can’t provide any documentation.  The whole thing was a roose.  They sent those guns over not to track them because tracking devices weren’t used.  This was done to push gun control down out throats and to shred the second amendment.  Just like signing the small arms treaty and allowing the UN to have jurisdiction over our guns.  It’s a ploy designed to shred the constitution and destroy it.  Even more disgusting is the fact that our government allowed cartel members to run drugs across the border which probably profited Muslim Extremists.  So we are allowing extremists to make money off the US so they can finance their war on us and you libs tried to tell us the liberal messiah is the smartest man on the planet.

Eric Holder Has Been Charged With Contempt

Representative Elijah Cummings started out talking like he needs his head extracted from his backside.  He basically said that Eric Holder hadn’t lied to Congress when he lied to congress not once but twice.  He even attempted to say that Fast and Furious started under Bush, although he can’t produce anything that supports that claim.  Here are the facts that Representative Cummings doesn’t have the balls to admit.

a.  Eric Holder got caught lying twice to Congress.

b.  Over 200 people are dead because someone in the DOJ authorized this operation.  Allowing guns to walk across the border is illegal.

c.  The ATF had the obligation to stop the guns that they knew walked across the border, yet they didn’t.

d.  DOJ took 9 months to notify congress that their previous letter stating that they didn’t know anything about guns walking across the border was incorrect.  What took them so long?  They had a responsibility to come and say they discovered that this might have happened.

e.  Issa gave Holder a list of documents he wanted to examine in the committee.  Holder has not provided those documents after Issa has asked for them multiple times.

f.  Southern border states will have problems with these guns for many years to come.

Brian Terry’s family deserves some answers and so do the American people.  Those guns are in my backyard and I want to know how in the hell they got there.  Someone owes me answers.  DOJ has yet to hold anyone accountable.  There is someone at DOJ who authorized this and I want that SOB fired so he can’t make anymore irresponsible decisions.  Nobody has been held accountable and they are probably in a position to make another irresponsible decision.

The Democrats proved they are cowards.  They walked out instead of voting on the measure.  One member of Congress voted present.  Democrats want us to believe this is about racism but they are full of it.  Laws were broken and Holder refuses to supply answers to the many questions congress had.

Remember guns don’t kill people.  Mexican cartel members kill people with guns supplied by our government.

This Is Exactly Why Unions Need To Go Away

Unions have outlived their usefullness a long time ago.  Today’s unions represent themselves and their power more than they represent their workers.  Liberals claim I’m against workers getting a fair wage but that’s not true.  Look at Wisconsin, the unions there are upset because they’ve lost some power.  Look at the UAW, they were so corrupt that they kept making demands until the workers were getting $75 an hour worth of pay and benefits.  They raped GM to the point it was in financial ruins.  I’ll assure you $75 an hour isn’t a fair wage.

Didn’t the union’s liberal messiah say family was off limits?  I guess the union bosses are so ignorant they didn’t get the message.  Governor Walker’s family is being harrased.  Govenor Walker took over the job after Demoncrats bankrupted the state by giving the unions everything they asked for.  Governor Walker comes in and tries to run the state responsbly for a change and the unions start harassing his family.  I have a special messages for the unions:

Then again, they probably don’t understand simple f’ing math.  Unions aren’t fighting for their workers…they are fighting for their power.  Absolutely power corrupts absolutely!!!  I’ll borrow some words from a famous dumbocrat.  My advice to the unions is go to the corner and die quietly!!!!  Unions spend billions of dollars on elections and beg the state to give them taxpayers money to bail them out.  They need to start running their unions responsibly….then again, that’s why they are demoncrats.  They are clueless what it means to do anything responsibly and when you ask them about it they have this false sense of entitlement when it comes to taxpayers money.

Taking power away from unions is like denying a drunk a drink because they were drunk on the power they wielded when dumbocrats ran the state into the ground.  I think the right thing to do is to make Wisconsin a right to work state or at least threaten to if they keep harrassing Governor Walker’s family.  That basically means the workers have the right to work and they can refuse union membership and not be forced to pay the union dues.  If the union thinks it’s getting screwed now….wait and see how loud they’d yell and scream if that is passed.  That bill would deny them almost all of the power they have and send union membership through the floor.  My dad was a union man and I seen what kind of riff raff rises to the top in a union.  He had a union thug threaten to pull his gun on him.  Unions have become corrupt entities that no longer represent the men and women that pay their dues.  In fact, they can’t even pay for retirements because of their political activities.  If union bosses keep harrassing Governor Walker’s family then he should pass a bill eliminating the state worker’s union until they learn about the word demoncrats use all of the time when they’ve found their tactics being used on them.  They usually go out and preach civility.  Civility is a two way street and they should be penalized until they get it through their thick skulls, they need to be dismantled.

The United States Most Definitely Lacks Leadership In The White House

The Liberal Messiah has blundered again, does this really suprise anyone?  The Zimmerman case is my case and point!  Leadership is doing the right thing no matter how bad it makes you feel.  Obama’s only comment about the Zimmerman case is that Trayvon looks like what his son would look like.  He ignored the fact that the new black panthers put a bounty out on Zimmerman.  Just like he ignored when the black panthers were involved in intimidation at the polls with a nightstick.  If Obama had any integrity, he’d have stood up on national tv and talked about how putting a bounty on Zimmerman is wrong and use his position to keep the situation from exploding….he didn’t do that.  In fact, I wouldn’t be suprised if he sent money to the new black panthers to help with the bounty.

New Information is out on Trayvon.  He’s been suspended 3 times from school.  Once for having a bag with traces of marijuana and a pipe, once for graffiti while he was in possession of a burglery tool and a bag full of women’s jewelry, and once for skipping school.  So Trayvon wasn’t exactly a law abiding citizen from the start.  On Trayvon’s twitter account, there is a reason to believe he hit the bus driver.  Meanwhile his parents are out there claiming their son is the victim of a smear campaign.  She’s in denial.  I’ve seen thousands of Trayvon’s around in my 48 years.  You know the type.  Everything is everyone elses fault.  He’s innocent of everything.  His friends have him convinced that he’ll never make anything out of himself because white people will hold him back in whatever he does and he actually believes them.

The only reasonable voice out there right now is C. L. Bryant, former NAACP President.  Bryant is accusing Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton of “exploiting” the Trayvon  Martin tragedy to “racially divide this country.”  “His family should be outraged at the fact that they’re using this child as  the bait to inflame racial passions.”  I think Pastor Bryant hit the nail on the head.  I make this based on both Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton’s shady past.  You see, Al and Jesse are out of business if there isn’t any racial anger to fan.  They honestly don’t care one way or another if they are right or wrong as long as they can get some contributions to continue fanning the flames so to speak.  Zimmerman is a registered Demoncrat so no trying to say he was a Republican.   LOL.  I know the left would love to pin this on a hispanic Republican.

The Lamestreet Media Attempts To Spin A Story

The lamestreet media rushed out there to make the Zimmerman story about race and should be ashamed now that the rest of the details have come out.  The media attempted to Spin the story about a young black kid (Trayvon Martin) who was shot by a white guy.  Now we find out that Zimmerman was attacked by Trayvon first and there are witnesses who can testify that Zimmerman was attacked first.  So when you boil it down to the very bones of the story, Zimmerman was well within his rights to shoot Trayvon.

The liberal media rushed to judgement and attempted to spin this into a racist act when clearly it was not a racist act.  The usual race baiters joined into the mix and said that Trayvon wasn’t doing anything wrong.  Since when is attacking someone not doing something wrong?  The media even said he was going to get something for his brother attempting to dishonestly classify this as a racist act.  Now the thugs (Black Panthers) are out there putting a bounty on Zimmerman.  Why?  Liberals are nuttier than fruitcake when it comes to justifiable homocides.   If Trayvon wasn’t out acting like a violent thug, we wouldn’t be having this discussion and he’d be at home with his parents instead of being put six feet under.

I don’t expect any of the race baitors to apologize for being such jackasses because that’s who they are.  None of them actually care if they are right or wrong.  Let’s not forget Al Sharpton standing up for the hooker who claimed she was raped by the Duke LaCrosse team.  Al Sharpton never apologized for being wrong then either.  Jesse Jackson never aplogized either for his part in the Duke LaCrosse Team being tried.  In fact, the hooker came out and said she was lying the whole time and none of them ever apologized to one of the Duke LaCrosse guys.  The DA Lawyer who was trying the case got fired and disbarred for his antics in the case because he never revealed that the semen found inside the hooker belonged to someone else while he claimed it was someone on the Duke LaCrosse Team’s DNA.

Their Silence Is Telling

Three of the violent Occupy Oakland protesters is facing jail time for theft, assault, and hate crimes.  The victim, a female, asked them not to riot in her neighborhood and these 3 morons surrounded her, battered her, and stole her wallet.  Then began throwing around insulting verbage about her being a Lesbian.  This shows you the character or lack of character that was on full display at the Occupy rallies.  I’m sure each and everyone of these three would never attempt to do that to a male who could hit them back.  They are low life cowards!  I wonder if the Liberal Messiah, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, etc. Claim these misguided idiots in their interpretation of the real tea party members?  Suprisingly the media has been quiet on this story because it makes Demoncrats look bad.  I’m shocked that they aren’t out there in mass trying to say that these were Republican plants designed to tarnish their cause because it’s are clean and pure as the driven snow.

This incident makes me wonder how many more incidents like this were covered up by the media and the police departments.  We all know that New York told police officers not to make any arrests at the Occupy rallies.