Obama’s Failures and his Immigration Policy

Tell me how a supposedly ex-constitutional professor get’s his salad tossed multiple times in a week at the supreme court and then turns around and claims he’s going to write executive orders to fix the immigration problem at the border, which he created? To make it worse, he’s attempting to do the same thing that got his hand slapped again with immigration. Meanwhile after the ruling yesterday, Dumbacrats are out in mass saying this is a war on women. It is not and they are being willfully dishonest. Hobby Lobby is paying for 16 out of 20 means of contraception. The 4 methods they do not cover is methods that can result in a home abortion like the day after pill or the week after pill. Additionally, Hobby Lobby pays these women 2 times minimum wage. So even if they don’t cover those 4 methods, they can afford them if they needed them. Women are not forced to work for Hobby Lobby. Meanwhile, leftist losers want to commit arson to Hobby Lobby stores. You people need some serious couch time. Hopefully you have something better than Obummercare.

Another case where Obama had his butt handed to him is his so-called “Recess Appointments” to the labor board. This was a decision from the Supreme Court that was 9 to 0. A unanimous decision. It’s rare when you can get the libs and the republicans on the court to agree on anything but they agreed Obama overstepped his authority.

Obama was slapped down on forcing home caregivers into paying union dues by classifying them as part time government employees without the benefits from either the government nor the union. You shouldn’t be forced into joining a union. The Supreme Court ruled that part time workers can’t be forced into a union.

Obama also lost when he attempted to establish a buffer zone around abortion clinics and the supreme court shot it down as unconstitutional citing that it infringes on the citizens right to assemble.

Now let’s talk about the immigration problem at the border right now because there is evidence they were preparing for this before it hit and also there have been flyers found telling these people how to stay here without getting sent back across the border. The drug cartels are using this chaos at the border to slip drugs across the border because the border agents are all busy taking care of all of the masses that slipped across the border. To fix this possibly self inflicted problem, Obama wants to write more executive orders to bypass congress. The constitution says only congress can pass laws. The liberal messiah is well on his way to having more of his illegal activities ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

I’m surprised that a so-called “constitutional professor” can get his butt handed to him this much in one week. You libs were saying how smart he was but having your laws struck down at the Supreme court does not prove he’s that smart. In fact, if he practiced law like this when he was a lawyer, I wouldn’t have hired him to do anything for me at all because he’s showing me that he is incompetent and doesn’t have as good of a grasp of the constitution as he pretended he did.


The Era of Incompetence – The Obama Years

I have no doubt that years from now, this administration will be dubbed the Era of Incompetence.  All of his scandals, he’s learned about them on national TV news.  Honestly, he should fire all of his advisors and hire the news media.  Maybe they’d let him know about scandals before they hit the 5 O’clock news.  It’s been 6 years of this stuff now and I’ve predicted the train wreck BEFORE it happened.  Most of you hope and changers disagreed and argued with me from the start.  Apparently, you hope and changers thought you were smarter than me but I guess not.  Reality has b*tch slapped you.  If politics were a football game, Obama fumbled every ball thrown to him.

Obamacare:  I told you this was crap from the start.  Most of you brainless morons quoted how the VA system was such a miracle of modern liberalism.  Now you’ve figured out that rates actually went up on people and what’s worse, you now will go to jail if you don’t have it.  I accurately called Obummercare as a war on the poor.  All of the young and useless kidos and hardcore libs told me “Mither Walker, at least you have healthcare.”   Another brainless answer from them was “At least we are trying to do something!”  My response was so you are willing to do the wrong thing instead of fixing the problem?  I told you careful what you asked for!  There was a Dumbacrat politician who claimed Obummercare was created using the VA as it’s model and I told you hope and changers you should be afraid.  Guess What?

VA Healthcare scandal:  I told you that this system was jacked up from the start.  Think about this, soldiers were begging for help and were allowed to die before they got to see a doctor.  Think about that when you think about Obamacare.  Also think about this, if the government can’t take care of America’s veterans what makes you think they can take care of the rest of the population?

Fast and Furious:  The Obama administration sold guns to Mexican cartel members to create a problem so they could outlaw our citizens from having guns.  In exchange for guns, we allowed them to cross our border to sell drugs in the US.  They attempted to create a problem so the liberal messiah could fix a fake problem manufactured by the administration.  This has been their response through all of the school shootings that have happened.  The problem isn’t the guns and more gun legislation will not stop this from happening.  The deep root of the problem is one the Obama administration does not want to fix…mental health legislation.  They know deep down in places they refuse to talk about that if they fixed the mental health problems in the US the Dumbacrats would lose their voting base.

The IRS Scandal:  Liberals love to say the IRS is a bi-partisan branch of government but is it really?  The latest claims that Lois Lerner’s emails have been lost due to a hard drive error but now all of a sudden those emails that were lost are going to be produced by the IRS chief 5 years later?  Is that amazing or what?  I find it very alarming that emails that were gone are going to finally be produced after years of them saying the emails were gone.  Usually where there is smoke, there is fire.  Just remember, the IRS is going to be standing between you and your healthcare. 

Executive Order Scandal:  The liberal messiah went on the floor of congress to call out the Bush administration on the very same stuff he’s doing.  He’s what most people call a hypocrite yet the media is acting like lap dogs when it comes to this.  He gets a pass while Bush was called to the carpet over everything.  Obama said his administration would be the most transparent administration ever which was a lie.  In most cases, he’s kept the reporters at bay by giving them pictures and handing them out to the media. 

Unemployment:  The numbers released today suggests that the number of jobs was only enough to keep up with the population and enough to keep us at the same employment rate as the day Obama took office.  Obama has done a lot to kill job opportunities for the American public.  This also intersects with the disparity between the rich and the poor.  Obama promised the middle and low classes would prosper.  He lied to you chumps and you had already swallowed the hook as he reeled you in.  Reality is the rich are getting richer, the poor and middle class are not.  You guys were cheering him on while he was talking about the rich aren’t paying their fair share and while you idiots were mindlessly chanting hope and change, he raise your taxes.  Apparently, the low and middle classes are now the rich in this country.  Those of us who voted to have someone who understood the economy and employment to be president are frustrated are you kidos and hardcore liberals got what you wanted.  So you want high unemployment and lower wages that’s what you voted for and you voted for an expanding low class and receding middle class.  Pay checks have become stagnant.  Reality is that the liberal messiah has done nothing to encourage business growth or pay gaps.

Benghazi Scandal:  It is unimaginable that a US ambassador could be begging for more security in the middle of a middle eastern country and be told no and when they are under attack, we had an administration that did not have the balls to interrupt his fund raising to help his ambassador and just let him and 3 other Americans die.  All while this happened on the anniversary of 9/11.  You can agree with the president that it is a phony scandal but how would you feel if that was YOUR relative that died and this happened to your family.  You’d be pretty darn upset.  To blame this on a youtube video is just plane ignorant when there was reasons the Ambassador was asking for more security and his requests were falling on deaf ears!!!!!!!!!

Nominations to the NRB board:  You libs told us how smart Obama was and how he was a constitutional professor.  Apparently, neither was true.  He had his appointments to the labor board declared unconstitutional by all 9 justices.  Apparently Obama didn’t know there was a 10 day period he had to wait to make a recess appointment. 

Oh don’t worry, it’s going to get much worse thanks to the idiots that voted for incompetence and hope.  Right now, he’s writing executive orders to bi-pass the congress to write laws for the EPA on global warming.  These laws will kill what’s left of the middle class and then we will have the liberal messiah’s idea of a perfect system where we have only upper and low classes in the US sort of like Russia had back when Stalin reigned over the communist state.  Yes we won’t be able to afford heat or air conditioning when the liberal messiah is done killing the oil and natural gas industries all in the name of global warming.  Scientist have had many consensus’ over the years in fact there was one that said we couldn’t handle feeding everyone if the population got bigger.  They also had one in the 70j’s that claimed we were going to have global cooling which never happened.  So yes, a consensus doesn’t mean they are right.  Just means they believe something whether it’s true or not.  So the idiots are willing to kill the US economy over a fake crisis.  Now there is your hope and change.  Obama said your utility bills will necessarily skyrocket.  Apparently, most of his voters weren’t smart enough to know that.

So the last election was idiots led by idiots to vote for the liberal messiah and now they are upset at what he’s doing as if the first 4 years wasn’t enough to tell you his agenda wasn’t working.  You idiots doubled down on it.  Now the young idiots that voted for this train wreck are regretting their vote.  Honestly, you were incompetent voters and you should probably not ever vote again because you don’t take the time to hear the message before you take your incompetent butt into the voting booth and vote.  None of you took the opportunity to read my blogs or listen to common sense. 



New Poll Say’s 71% Of Obama Voter’s Regret Their Vote

LMFAO, My recommendation is that you people should never vote again because you are irresponsible.  You couldn’t be bothered to take the time to listen to his speeches and look at everything he told you he was going to do.  You ignored his religious beliefs when it comes to manmade global warming and what that means to your paycheck.  You ignored all of the problems that were brought to light during big ear’s first term as it relates to Obamacare.  You even ignored what common sense said about how the economy is not working now because of the Obama administrations reckless handling of the economy.  He’s killed more jobs than he promised he’d create.  You gingerly stuck your head in the sand or any other places while the middle class shrunk.  You ignored the fact that prices for everything you use from food to gas went up while your check was smaller than it was before.  All the while these things were going on, you just closed your eyes and chanted hope and change while you were drinking Kool-Aid. 

Now that you cast your vote for “The One,” “The liberal messiah,” the rest of the world has been laughing at us ever since. 

You’ve graced us with countless conspiracies and scandals.  Obama gave gun to the Mexican mafia, but has tried to take them away from law abiding citizens, Benghazi where our government allowed the torture and murder of 4 American citizens while one of them was begging the Obama administration for better security and the Dems in the state department just laughed at them, the IRS scandal where the IRS showed a bias towards Conservative groups, mediagate 1 and 2, Spying on the citizens, etc. 

Veterans were told they won’t be getting pay raises while illegal aliens are being given handfuls of cash.  Obama voter’s owe the rest of the US an apology.  We did our research and listened while you determined you didn’t have time to pay attention to the message.  It may take years to fix all of the damage done by incompetent politicians to the United States.

Obama secretly spies on the AP

Oh my, so many scandals happening at once.  In a bit of Irony, the people who have been lapdogs for the administration by outright lying to the people they were supposed to inform have been secretly spied on.  It’s funny but I’m sure nobody in the media has the balls to say a word.  I’m betting they take it and continue being lapdogs instead of being journalists and doing their job.  Oh I’m sure there will be some whining but in the end it isn’t going to change anything.  All Obama has to do is say who’s my b*tch? and the AP will say we are.

I’m amazed at the fact that they will get away with this.  If Bush had done something like this, we’d still be hearing about it 2 presidential elections ago.  They’d be outraged but because Obummer did it, I don’t expect any outrage at all.  They will whine moan and go back to playing their role like nothing happened.

You Are Done When A Ghost Calls Your Dumb Ass out (Gary Champion)

I’m the lead investigator for Abilene Paranormal Investigation Services.  I did a investigation in Dallas, Texas.  My client moved into a house and I suspect she’s either a victim of Demonic Possession/Oppression.  They moved to a house in Sherman and she’s got photographs of a black mass so dark, it covered up the door.  Her and her husband had been married 30 years prior to moving into this house and he’d never hit her once, within the 6 months they lived there, they had to call the cops 3 times.  Her husband is 6 foot 3 inches and he lost 100 pounds within 6 months and to this day cannot remember any of the time he spent in that house.  He’s been through every medical test known to man and the doctors can’t figure out why he lost that much weight nor can they explain why he can’t remember assaulting his wife.

Fast forward to today.  She’s moved to Dallas and is again confronted with paranormal activity.  With her past she’s desperate to get rid of it.  I attempted to talk her out of it but she let a psychic come in and investigate.  Just based off what she was told, I knew he was a fraudster from the start.  She payed this jackass $210 to come rid her house of the paranormal and he did not do anything.  She was told to answer his questions and not say anything else to him.  I’m sorry but that was a clue to his incompetence.  She had the presence of mind to document this with her iphone.  LMFAO.  He outbriefed her and told her there were no male spirits in her house and you hear a male ghostly EVP say bullshit.

If you have more money than you know what to do with, by all means hire the jackass and have a good laugh.  If you have serious problems that need fixing, I suggest you find someone preferably a priest or clergyman to take of it for you.  Do not waste your time or your money hiring him because he is a fraudster scam artist waiting for a pay day and a ignorant fool to roll for it.  I’d have to say that 99.9% of the guys who call themselves psychic are phoneys.  This guy is a total phoney.

A New Approach What Has Obama Done Right?

I want to hear from the ignorant masses about what the Bamster has done right.  From my perspective, he’s bungled everything he’s tried to do, told more lies than Bill Clinton, and created mutiple scandals.  His economic policies have not worked in fact as soon as he won the election, people lost their jobs.  He hasn’t changed his strategy so in essence, you Obama voters have doubled down on failure.  Obamacare is attrocious and reminds me of a old saying.  The worse you want it the worse you’ll get it.  Obamacare creates more problems with healthcare than it fixes.  He did kill Osama Bin Laden but it took him 6 months and a day to make that decision.  He had no alternative than to successfully do this because his only part was telling the navy seals to do it.  They did the rest.  Other than that, he threw lavish parties at the white house, took like 5 vacations a year, and played endless rounds of golf.  He refused to provide adequate security for our ambassador and as a result the ambassador was killed on the anniversary of 9/11.  He got caught creating a problem with guns in Mexico so he could force gun control on us here in the US.  It backfired and he’s claiming executive privilege when it comes to answering questions.  His first 4 years screams gross incompetence.  He’s gone on a ignorant rant about how the rich aren’t paying their fair share yet not intelligent enough to know that this move is bound to bite the middle and lower class on the ass.  The government does not create jobs…they never have.  The government creates an atmosphere where employers employ more people to work in their businesses.  The rich won’t get hurt by raising their taxes yet ignorant people claim it’s fair that job creators pay more and employ less.  Obama did create one job, we still need an ambassador to Libya, any takers?

Statistically, none of his voter groups are better off since he won the presidency 4 years ago.  Employment has gone down across the board.  Gas prices shot up and along with that all products had their prices raised.

Thanks To The Truely Ignorant

Alrighty then, the dow took a plunge today and countless people lost their jobs because their jobs were based on the election.  Pat yourself on the back America for increasing the misery because you are all such masochists.  The sad part is you people don’t know how truely ignorant your choice for President was.  If you thought groceries and gas was high before the election, strap on your tin foil hat because it’s fixing to get worse and who’s paying for it?  The middle class is of course.  While you are eating sandwiches, he’ll be throwing lavish state dinners, taking 5 vacations a year, and playing endless round of f*cking golf while you get poorer.  Obama doesn’t give a sh*t what his policies do to the middle class.  The economy isn’t even on his radar.  What’s on his radar is soaking the middle class with UN taxes so that we pay for their miserable existence in our country.  You can kiss the liberal messiah’s ass if you want to but I intend on getting rid of everything that get’s a UN tax on it because I refuse to pay a bunch of communists, socialists, Nazis,faschists, and booger eating morons a red penny.


Thanks to the truly ignorant, everyone’s taxes will go way up.  So you essentially established a war on the low and middle class.  I hope you people are proud and remember, I told you that I do not want to hear anyone that voted for the liberal messiah bitching because you lost that right when you voluntarily voted for this POS.  You voted for this misery, I did not.